Where does creativity come from?

The question of where creative inspiration comes from has been asked many times but is none the less fascinating for that.  Ask any creative the same question and you will see their brains trying to formulate an answer to describe something that may well be indescribable. And it was great to see Peter Lord go through the same process, mulling over where his ‘stories’ come from. One of the most interesting aspects of the first Filmworks evening was the group work sessions. To see someone pitch their film idea with enthusiasm and passion, and for that to engage and enthuse the group, who in turn would then create a tagline for the pitch was amazing.

So, where does creativity come from? Well I don’t know but I do know that it is a magical thing. To create something from nothing, something which, for filmmakers, will go through concept to script to filming to editing to a finished film, is nothing short of miraculous. So here’s to all the other participants on the course; filmmaking is not an easy road to tread but keep on keeping on!

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