Hi All – Its been a long time but I now have something to talk about.

It would have been lovely to tell you I have a feature in development, that was my target  outcome from the FilmWorks program. But when it came to it, I needed to make a couple more shorts.

So my new film project is:

A short film that takes a dark satirical look at online gambling, celebrity culture – and reality TV game shows.

It’s about Tim, an angry young army veteran. He’s been to hell and back in Afghanistan. Back in civi-street he’s browsing the dark side of the internet where he discovers The Game Show.  And he can’t believe his eyes. The contestants have lost everything, but are offered salvation in a twisted game of Russian roulette. For £1 million, all they have to do is pull the trigger – while the online audience bets on the outcome.

To his horror Tim witnesses his brother Michael become one of the unlucky contestants.

What follows is a story of bloody vengeance played out in a gory makeshift TV set. Reality and fiction are increasingly blurred as all hell is let loose before the final twist in the tale.

I’ve been joined by Andy Taylor Smith as director of photography, As well as being a successful film maker in his own right, Andy is an award winning DOP and photographer.
Below are a couple of his promo stills

So, as I said in my last blog many moths ago, for now I have gone the exploitation movie route, there is blood and gore, action and revenge. But also something to think about.

We hope to shoot for 4 days in mid September. With a completed film ready in December. But of course we need finance. So with no other choice we are trying the crowd funding route. And boy is it hard !

The funding site is here:

PLEASE have a look at the funding video, Its getting some good feedback. (Most of you will recognise the influence of Hitchcock’s Psycho trailer, where he wanders round the Bate’s motel). I know all of you are probably desperately trying to fund your own projects, but if you can contribute that would be amazing. You can guarantee that I will reciprocate if at any time you have to go the crowd funding route.

Also if you could pass on the link to anyone you feel may fund this type of project I would be very grateful.

So again, the funding page is here:

Facebook page is here:

Please follow me on:  Twitter @Ed1John

Cheers for now


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