The First Session EEK!

Eek indeed!

I guess for the most part,  I had an open mind about the process – but I couldn’t help feeling a little of the ‘new day at school’ vibes!

Anyhoo, Meeting everyone was a facinating experience – and knowing the rigorous proces that we all had to go though to be accepted onto the programme,  I had an immediate respect for everyone straight away. We were all courious and for the most part our first talking point was revealing our individual pitches that secured us a place – A wide range of backgrounds,  perspectives and ideas for films.

Participating in the live masterclass streaming session was awsome – linking to the other hubs in Sheffield and Bristol and connecting with the wider members of network live!  We were part of something epic and the best thing was that the technology worked!

The first masterclass session was led by Jo Lockart who interviewed Peter Lord – Wow!    Also a producer-director team from Ifeatures.  The biggest revelation from both discussions was the importance of the ‘mood board’,  a series of images and stimuli complied as a montage ( film) to present to key-stakeholders,  and funders to help convey the mood,  vibe; the visual representation of the idea.  This could be elements of whatever you choose,  but generally will consist of extracts of comparative films,  music.  costume artworks etc.

Anyhoo,  John from Broadway cinema and Media centre and Al from Wellington Films took us though our paces in Workshop One for which we broke out into groups.  Unfortunatly/fortunatly? my interview pitch was the subject matter of my group’s exercise…eeek indeed ( pre-selected I must hasten to add).   My group were thorough and really questioned the pitch,  the story,  basically ripped it apart and put it togther again!  it was fantastic – and the best thing was that they really understood what I was planning to acheive with the project and they also offered some alternative viewpoints,  subplots etc and nurished the premise even further.

I’m in the process of completeing my homework – which for  the most part will consist of a moodboard and refineing my pitch.  If you watch this space in the near future- you might be able to see my thoughts and let me know what you think!

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