“The director ate my homework…”

… well almost. My University peers didn’t call me Hermione for nothing. However, I’ve struggled more than I imagined I would with the mood-reel homework as a producer. Although I know my projects backwards, it simply didn’t feel right producing a reel on behalf of my directors who will ultimately control the look and feel of the two films. Even at the initial FilmWorks session it was clear that both directors Katarzyna Klimkiewicz and Peter Lord had had the overriding creative influence over their own pitch-winning mood-reels. That being said I’ve been in discussions with both BAFTA winning writer/director Rachel Tillotson regarding our short film By Force and with my fellow partners of Overlook Films regarding feature project The Levels over the past fortnight. We discussed the various filmic inspirations for the two projects. This has naturally taken more time than if I was to produce a mood-reel for something of my own devising!  I look forward to sharing the collaborative results on my return from a short break… Sorry to be missing you all this week. Much love and I look forward to hearing more about your projects on my return.

As for getting to know you all a little better – as well as reading your blog posts, I got to spend some valuable time with some of you during Encounters and have had a couple of very productive one to one meetings since which are promising to lead on to future collaborations. Exciting times.  

I leave you with two elevator pitches – let me know if you want to know more (if you don’t I shall assume I have some more homework to do!):

“A contemporary Western set on the farmlands of the Somerset Levels”


“An intimate tale depicting the loneliness of a toddler and her ever desperate need to be wanted”

2 replies to ““The director ate my homework…”

  1. Hi Joanna
    Don’t assume more homework to do !. The issues you raise from a producers’ perspective are interesting and let’s discuss further in the group.
    all best

    ps – i’m in for ” a contemporary western……………..!

  2. When I first heard you planned to do a Somerset based Western I wanted share this real gun related story… Near where I grew up in Somerset, there was a local family with 4 sons, (not particularly gifted), and the one that was in my year at school one day held up his local post office with an air rifle. He then went home to have a cup of tea to calm down, leaving the money and gun on the seat of his parked car, strangely enough it only took about half and hour for the police to turn up and arrest him.- not really ‘stranger came to town’ more local got bored, but i quite like the amusing pathos of it, the lady in the post office probably having known him from when he was small.