Sketchbook funtime

I spent the whole weekend working on Archy Declares War! Go me!

Emily and I have been working on our printed materials for the Bristol meet up. We plan to bring some packages of Archy goodness, and leave them with interested parties (pleeeease let there be interested parties)(…and interesting parties…? Hoho!). We’re sending stuff off to the printers this week hopefully – a synopsis, directors’ statement, directors’ CV, character sheets x2, style shots x3, mood board, and the original poem on which Archy is based.

Obviously I’m not going to post here all our drawings, because that would spoil the surprise, but here’s a sketch of our titular hero, and one of the background dancers. They are both part of larger images which show the overall style of the film. Animation has such a wide variety, it’s very hard for someone to understand what it’s going to look like without some visual help. Pixar always do beautiful images, and they call them colour scripts. They use pastels and paints for theirs, which I think is one of the main reasons why their films are such a cut above in terms of look. Their films don’t start on a computer. That ethos is really important for us too. Believe me, once production is going it’s 12 hours a day staring at a screen, but for now it’s a happy period of sketchbooks.

Sometimes though, I forget I’m drawing on paper, and when I make a mistake, my lefthand thumb and forefinger twitch, as if to ctrl-delete. D’oh.

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