Rumours Of War Mood Board

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Rumours Of War is a medieval Heart Of Darkness.

The Dark Ages, this is not an ordinary time. The first millennium is close, the end of the world is expected. There are wars and rumours of wars. Gwion, a battle weary warrior, seeks revenge for the killing of his family. He frees a suspected witch from drowning by mercenaries. Chained she is his guide into a forest inhabited by pagan tribes, deserters and refugees. At the heart of the forest he finds his enemy, Alwyn, in a church built upon the site of a sacred spring. Here he finds the truth – that he and Alwyn are exactly alike, both damaged by war. Alwyn has put down his sword and repented. Gwion must choose whether to follow or to lose his humanity forever in one final act of violence.

Password – Rumours


2 replies to “Rumours Of War Mood Board

  1. Excellent mood board. Hits the nail right on the head. It would immediately tell any exec who watches it who the audience is and how it would be marketed.