Plans for 2013

I’m not big on New Years Resolutions as such, but I’m a big believer in plans! This time last year, one of my plans for 2012 was to start our fourth short film, and hooray, thanks in part to Filmworks, pre-production is go go go.

So for 2013… Well at the moment I need to finish this long contract I’ve been on (I animate on a new CBBC/Freemantle series), and then see where my life is at. But basically, I have very sensibly saved enough of my wages to give myself a month off to work on Archy. This should be a good foundation; it’s time I’ll use to get the storyboard and animatic done with Emily, and also to start approaching voice talent and giving a friendly prod to the producers we know. This is my plan anyway, I have an inability to say “no” to work, but I think if I write this down publically, then maybe there is more chance of me forcing myself to do it. It’s not that I don’t love Archy, I just have a feast-or-famine fear… ANYWAY!

Taking into account the tumultous nature of freelance, hopefully we’ll go into production this summer. Could we possibly have the film done this time next year? That would be good – good timing for Annecy, and getting into that festival is one of my aims for this film. I really like film festivals, and although we have had some good success in the past, I’m pleased with the new festival strategy techiniques I’ve picked up at Filmworks, and I hope the new tips will push us forward.

The success of our Archy package has also given me a confidence boost with our other projects. Too often I sit on things, because I think they need more, and they are not ready to be seen. I know some people have said that they show their projects before they are developped enough, but I think I’m the other way round. Anyway, there’s two other concepts we’ve got on the back burner – time to polish them up and start talking to people about them too. No point having secret projects, and one thing I remember from the very start of Filmworks was the tip that you should have more than one project in development.

So those are my aims for 2013. I’m sure you all have clearer ambitions too after the focus of Filmworks; let’s get to it!

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