Once Upon a Screening…

Happy New Year FWs (we never really came up with an appropriate name for ourselves did we? I don’t think this is it either)

Anyway, late night ramble over – I’m really posting a partly shameless plug (nudged kindly by Julie at the Silent Comedy Gala on Friday – AMAZING by the way – anyone else go?)

Sorry… I said I was done rambling. I’ve been editing for HOURS.

Tomorrow night, CineMe is screening a series of 3 fairytale shorts written, directed and produced by yours truly. These were a HUGE development process for me as a director… and a producer really. I know that I’ve made better films since but I think watching the changes, seeing how the films were made and observing how a group of young filmmakers have learned and developed over time is interesting and something you might be keen to see too.

The event is at the Tobacco Factory (The Green Room  – just off the bar) at 8pm! If you’re coming, I advise you get there early! The fairytalers are coming in their hoards!

Hope to see you there. If not, we must all meet up again soon. Dates to be suggested shortly.



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