‘How To Make A Movie For 43 Pounds’ Premiere

Tickets are now available for the premiere of my second feature film, ‘How To Make A Movie For 43 Pounds’. Filmed in Leicester the premiere is on the opening Saturday evening of Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival, in its 21st year the long43 Pounds Premiere Posterest running comedy festival in Britain.

One man. One dream.  No budget. Rhys has quit the day job to live the dream. But can a former ‘logistics process manager’ really direct an epic romance in just 12 months? Helping him are a scheming producer, a paranoid writer and actors who don’t even need to act because they’re really in love. What could possibly go wrong? Our documentary crew followed him to find out.

For tickets ‘How To Make A Movie For 43 Pounds’ preview screening on Saturday 8th February 2014 at 7:30 pm please contact Phoenix Square cinema.



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