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Well…first posts are always awkward, so I guess I’ll just babble and hope it goes somewhere…

The first session at Sheffield was pretty interesting. I arrived an hour late, thanks to the awesome Liverpudlian/Mancunian traffic, but I did see most of the talk beamed in from Bristol. One of the bits that really stood out for me was the idea of your film’s “personality”, and the various ways of getting that across. Emily and I tend to show mood boards anyway at pitches, but it did get me thinking about the other sides of our film’s personality. I think sometimes we have ideas, but we don’t show them in the pitch because it’s not the “right” thing to show. I’m thinking specifically about the playlists we make for our films, or our handmade books. They’re materials that we make anyway, but then we’re not sure about showing them because no one else is. Now I’m thinking that it’s those materials that we should include, or should at least consider, as part of our creative package, because it’s part of what makes our film ours, and us…us! Plus, I’m feeling kinda confident knowing that we were already clued into the mood board thing early on, haha.

Another thing that got me thinking was the idea of having more than one project on the go, developping different things alongside, so that you’ve always got some sort of project to talk about. That obviously makes sense, but for some reason I always thought you should just have one, like it’s a sign of one’s all-encompassing passion and dedication to the project at hand, and that it has so consumed your soul that you can’t possibly eat or sleep until you make this film, and you certainly have no other space for any other thoughts in your head, let alone another project… I called that wrong…which works out great for me, because I have so many projects in my head! My main three projects – and these are all with dear Emily Howells – are archy and David & Laurence and Films about Things. We were planning on just concentrating on archy for the purposes of Filmworks, but we’ve been thinking recently, as there’s two of us, that maybe it would fit in better with the Filmworks programme to focus on two. Hmm!

So that’s where my thoughts are at so far. I’m looking forward to the next session this Wednesday. See you there!

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