GooseFEAR School boy error and Mark Kermode

Not blogged for a while so here’s a quick up date:

Feedback from Al Clark on GooseFEAR meant another editing session getting it down from 13 to around 6-7 mins. I accomplished this by Christmas Eve then my disc crashed and I’d turned Time Machine off to speed up the editing process. Just the thing I never have any sympathy with my students for! – I abandoned film stuff for Christmas.

Turned out to be a good idea, had time to reflect – as everyone else seems to be doing in their blogs. So yes the Bristol thing was great, I took 5 project ideas down, excellent feedback, but still no real idea of which one to pursue. But a Christmas present helped.

Anyone get the 2nd Mark Kermode book for Christmas. I recon every chapter could have done with the Al Clark treatment – edit them in half. But an interesting quick read and a total reinforcement of what I have got out off the FilmWorks programme.

Just when I was beginning to think the most potentially commercial project idea I had was selling myself short – I read the chapter “The British Aren’t coming…or going”. Which concludes “the greatest boon to new British film makers would be a resurgence of a thriving exploitation market, producing bankable low-budget titles on which aspiring cine-astes could learn both the artistic and financial tools of the trade. A formula which has been proven to work in the US where Coppola, Scorsese, Stone, Shea, Cameron… all learned their trade working for exploitation maestro Roger Corman”

Apparently Corman’s ground rules were:

1) No, you can’t have any more money

2) No, the movie doesn’t need to be that long

3) Yes, You must have either an exploding helicopter or a scene in a strip club

4) after that you’re on your own

So I’ve decided to go for the FUTURES idea – City Bankers V Fairground Travelers – illegal gambling syndicates, Russian roulette, blood, guns, sex…Not sure where the exploding helicopter comes in yet but I’m sure I can do it with After Effects.

Looking forward to catching up at the Broadway session tonight – John

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