GooseFEAR 7 min edit on Vimeo

Hi All

I have put the 7 minute edit of GooseFEAR on Vimeo here:

Could do with some feedback. 7 mins feels right in lots of respects, but the whole thing now feels a bit frenetic. Maybe thinking I should have chopped a section out and relaxed the fast cutting a bit. Still not sure about the music at the end either.

Al – is this still too much like a music video?

Cheers John

2 replies to “GooseFEAR 7 min edit on Vimeo

  1. Hi John

    I like this cut. It still has lots of atmosphere but now has pace too. I don’t think it’s too frenetic, and if anything I think you could still trim down the first couple of minutes a little.

    When you have the three POV cams on screen at once, I wonder if you need to guide the viewer a little more by making one of them bigger sometimes?


  2. Thanks Neil – That’s really useful. Interesting idea about guiding the audience to. I like the look of the three screens but I know just what you mean. On the rides it works well, but when the characters are talking, its hard work deciding where to look! When projected it gets worse!
    Thanks again