Crowd-funding Tips

I’m evaluating the two crowd-funding campaigns we ran for Stop/Eject, over on my main blog at Even though the amount we raised was relatively small (£2,100 and £1,500 from the two campaigns respectively), many of the lessons I learnt will apply to larger projects too. I’m trying to share all the decisions we made, the reasons behind them, and how they panned out. There are also some charts breaking down which rewards were most popular, what type of people donated and so on.

Here are links to the individual posts so far:

Part 1: starting up the first campaign, when and how much?

Part 2: who donated and why?

Part 3: spreading the word (looking at all the different things we did to promote the campaign and which were successful)

Part 4: platform and rewards (including a comparison of some of the major CF sites and the pros and cons of “all or nothing” campaigns)

Part 5: setting up the second campaign

Part 6: elements and sponsors (looking at why people donated to the second campaign)

The final parts, covering promotion and audience engagement for the second campaign, and a summary/conclusion, will be posted over the next week.

I hope some of you find it useful.

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