Brief update & Shooting People (please vote for my films) :)

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well.

I can’t believe it’s been a year already since we started Filmworks. I’ve seen some great work from the Filmworks people in the last year and looking forward to seeing more. I’ve been trying to follow everyone’s progress as much as possible and support other Filmworks participants wherever I can.

I’m still gearing up to shooting my Monster short that I developed through Filmworks, but its become a bit more ambitious and I’ve realised it will require a bit more money behind it than initially thought, so currently I’m considering different funding approaches.

In the meantime, I’m shooting another short (3mins) called Crocodile at the end of October, a cautionary tale with a crocodile puppet which should fill the gap for the time being. It’s got a great team behind it already which I’m very excited about and I’m really looking forward to showing everyone later in the year.

Recently I’ve been trying to get involved and connect with other filmmakers as much as possible trying to continue that Filmworks ethos which I think worked really well. As part of that I’ve joined Shooting People and uploaded some of my films, my Scifi 48hr short from earlier this year and also my UK film council funded short Luke & the Void. They’re both in the leaderboard for short film of the month and I’d love to give them the best push possible.

Any shooting people members PLEASE could you just take a minute of your time and vote for my films and help push them up the leaderboard (and anyone else feel free to have a watch, I’d love to know what you think). I’d be really grateful for your support, votes, tweets, shares etc – any success with this could obviously help me with getting The Monster funded later down the line, which would be amazing!! 🙂

Links to the films here:

Luke & The Void:

The Port:

As I go into production on my next short, I’ll try and write a few posts about my experiences for anyone who’s interested.

Thank you,



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