Blogging and such the first…

Blogging and such, so this is something I tend to put off, an important challenge for me is becoming more organised, on paper/computer in particular, not just in speaking the words! This is something I intend to improve on through processes such as this.

I felt inspired after our first session and pleased to meet so many interesting people from a  variety of backgrounds. At present, myself and fellow animating buddy Anne are discussing all things moody, in particular of the music and edit variety. We are putting together inspirations that we feel put across our film archys (to be named for the time being) overall feel and concept. We hope to get across a sort of trailer impression, this i felt was really effective in the example we saw for Pirates. Not only for other people but also for ourselves. It will help narrow down the idea as we have a tendency to go off on tangents. One off the things that stuck out to me when said in the session was the importance of staying true to your idea and not losing the original thread you intended.




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  1. Really enjoyed perusing your website. I particularly loved ‘A Film About Poo’.
    Would you ever consider animating someone else’s script?

    • Hi Dina, Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed our work and poo film. It was really fun to make and the song still has a tendency to get stuck in my head at inappropriate moments. We have animated other peoples scripts in the past, poems, documentaries and similar. It’s nice to work with different people and with a variety of ideas. I had a look at your trailer for ‘Coma Girl’ and it looked really interesting. Is the film visiting festivals still? Be great to get a chance to watch it.

      • Please excuse this belated reply! I didn’t check until today to see if you had responded on here.
        I agree with you, it’s always great to work with others – giving new perspectives and complimentary skills.
        Thank you. Coma Girl is out on
        however, I’m sure I have a screener somewhere I can give you.
        Or perhaps I should organise a screening for those interested? What d’you think?
        Good luck with your pitch next Wednesday! Can’t wait to hear it