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Tom Stubbs

Light and Dark – a twin biopic feature documentary 

Watch the 10min multi award winning short here

The proposed feature documentary is a buddy movie about the relationship of two guys trying to create and put on a show at the Edinburgh Fringe; how will two unknowns fill an empty stage whilst also trying to deal with each other, particularly as neither has done this before…

One is normally an underpaid documentary filmmaker who is riddled with self-doubt; currently worried he will be accused of exploiting the other’s disability as a potential meal ticket.

The other is an autistic comic book artist; totally self-possessed and uninhibited about how pleased he is in his own creativity.

They are both constantly obsessing about what other people think.

The film will look at how as individuals they flounder, but somehow together they both pull the other towards something better; each will force the other to break social barriers and imaginary walls around themselves, and in doing so will tumble the viewer into a surprisingly rich fantasy world.

As their play takes shape they will create a universe to test and expose their dreams to what they hope they want, a raptures audience.

The documentary will follow them from small beginnings in this world, into conflicts in altered dimensions and then back again to hopeful triumphs out on the road.


Will their play find an audience? What happens if there are only 4 people in the audience at Edinburgh, what will happen to their friendship?


Based on the success of their previous short and due to their existing comic camaraderie whatever happens viewers of this documentary will be entertained…

Featuring and directed by Tom Stubbs and Michael Smith

“Working with Michael is always exciting, I can never quite tell what is going to happen next but whatever it is I know it will force me to think outside of the box, and it will ultimately burn itself onto eyes of the viewer” – Tom

“Tom is a unique person to be around, the way he views the media/film world is always a treasure to experience; and while my skills in my storyboard, art creation, imagination and script design are a starting point, Tom’s skill in camera work, editing, producing and distributing are what make my ideas become real and without him, I would get nowhere…” – Michael


Tom Stubbs would contribute to FilmWorks his considerably experience gained from 20 years of film making. He has written, directed, edited and produced drama, documentary and animation, he is a director of Biggerhouse film and JUMPcuts. Stubbs is an excellent collaborator and brings enthusiasm and drive to every project. He has an excellent record in enabling people to tell their own stories, and has shaped countless short films; using many styles, techniques and forms. He has often worked with marginalized groups, for example; excluded teenagers, people with dementia and adults with learning disabilities. Stubbs’ ambition and storytelling ability makes all his work communicate and emotionally connects to an audience; whatever the film’s starting point. He has a sensibility that encourages people to share their creativity, ideas and emotions, without an over sentimental eye; matched with the vision and skill to make an entertaining film, even from the most worthy of subjects. His work has gained recognition in many film festivals, both nationally and internationally. Stubbs has realized that for his work to match his ambition he needs to network to find collaborators to help him focus, market and enable future projects to connect successfully to larger audiences.

September 2012

Website: www.biggerhousefilm.co.uk
Twitter: @tomstubbs_uk

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