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Tommy Robin

Tommy has a strong presence in the online animated film community. Under the name “ockeroid” he has become well-known as the creator of many of his own and collaborative animations. His portfolio bridges the expertise of writer, director, animator, composer and producer of his own work and collaborations with and commissions from others in the film and games industries. Being home educated due to illness, Tommy is used to not fitting the mould. But rather than letting this discredit him, he used it to his advantage, taking up animation as his new tool for sharing his perspective on the world. Now recovered, he is ready to take on more ambitious projects and push his film career further.

Currently developing…
Breathing Through Straws – 10 min 2D animated short
No one comes to the rescue when power cuts out for three deep space debris clearers. They begin to turn on each other when they realise they have to share from the same air tank to survive.

Email: tommy@tommyrobin.net

Website: tommyrobin.net
Twitter: ockeroid

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Warning: This post contains cartoons

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