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Tomasz Aleksander

Tomasz is an actor who found a natural extension into writing and directing. He’s written and directed two shorts one which he took to the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year and the other which is in the final stages of editing. Tomasz now hopes to progress ‘Love Reset’ a feature films he’s currently working on.

Twitter: tomaleksander

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7 out of 10

Towards the end of last year a producer friend of mine had a script report done on the second draft of love Reset which got a 4/10 and a very critical report and analysis. Since then it has gone through another two rewrites and had another report done on the fourth draft. It got a 7 out of 10 stating it’s definitely worth developing, and had lots of good constructive feedback for me to keep … Continue reading

New Showreel

Hi Guys Hope everyone’s well and busy, I’ve just had a new acting showreel done, the links below. Please keep me in mind if I’m suitable for any roles. Thanks Tom


How great were the Bafta’s last night, if that hasn’t inspired me for the rest of the year I don’t know what will. Since the last session of Filmworks I’ve had my head down, glued to my laptop screen working on the third draft of Love Reset, continually editing, rewriting and analysing. On Thursday I finished the third draft and have launched it out like email missiles for people to read. Now after all that … Continue reading

Where to next?

Wow, reading all the posts about Bristol has made me feel very jealous about missing out on a great day even though I was in Sunny Vietnam. It’s a shame no one’s invented teleportation as a means of transport. So the question that pops into my mind is where to next? Where do I go having learnt and gained a lot of knowledge over the last 3 months. Well firstly I’m not going to rush … Continue reading

Wednesday 12th

Hi Guys I just wanted to wish you all good luck for Wednesday as unfortunately I can’t make it, I’m also an actor and will be jetting off to Vietnam to film on Sunday, a bit gutted to be missing out on meeting everyone and the day that is planned for us. But I couldn’t miss this opportunity and the fact it’ll mean I can solely work on Love Reset when I get back. I’d … Continue reading


I was lucky enough to have a chance to pitch to all of you last Wednesday, but in doing so I tried too hard, squashing too much information in and thus not being able to get the whole concept of the story across and not hooking anyone in on my project. My new pitch is below which received a much better response from the Sheffield group. I’d also like to add how great and supportive … Continue reading

Writing opportunities

I’m not sure how many of you write but here are a couple of upcoming opportunities that may be of interest. An initiative called Collabor8te deadline 30th November details on the website http://collabor8te.com Then the Channel 4 screenwriting course, deadline 7th November details on the website http://4talent.channel4.com/people-development/4screenwriting Happy writing. Tom

A project overhaul after the first session

Hi guys, it seems as though everyone’s pretty much covered the talks and how great and useful they were, so I’m going to talk about how I’ve been effected by the workshop after. As we approach the second session, I’m still very much reflecting on the first, and the group exercise we did. In the group I was in we worked on pitching my project and my group was really helpful and pushed me, making … Continue reading