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Tom Turrell

As a regional short filmmaker (last funded in 2008 as part of the DV Shorts scheme) Tom has thrived upon the DIY ethic and creative freedom afforded through independent, micro-budget film production. Alongside John, his co-director and brother, Tom has focused on a diverse number of self-funded projects set within his native East Midlands. Now he hopes to gain valuable insights into the British film industry through FilmWorks’ support, providing the next crucial steps in his career development. Passionate about nurturing his directorial voice, FilmWorks’ support would not only help enhance the quality of future projects, but also provide essential know-how in developing his first feature-length film. As a participant within FilmWorks, Tom looks forward to making connections with future collaborators and contacts working in the British film industry. Together with his brother, Tom is currently developing an idea for his first feature film, which he hopes to develop through FilmWorks’ mentoring and guidance process, continuing his own brand of British drama on a broader scale.

Website: vimeo.com

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Insightful documentary link…

Hi everyone, Just thought I’d share a link to a 25-part (!) documentary I’ve come across on Vimeo charting the efforts of getting a first independent feature off the ground. I understand quite a few of FilmWorks participants have already crossed this milestone, but I found it insightful and sobering and relevant to the masterclasses / workshops. The feature film in question is called ‘Island’ and co-directed by Elizabeth Mitchell and Brek Taylor, starring Natalie … Continue reading


Hi everyone, Really good to see you all again last night. The link to my mood-reel is below, and, just to recap, my one-liner was… ‘The warm temperature of My Summer of Love collides with the cool psychology of Lemming, deep in the heart of Wales.’ I’ve found it’s been an incredibly useful and fun exercise sourcing clips that (to some extent) sum up the mood of my project at this early stage. Wish I got some meaty Straw Dogs snippets in … Continue reading