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Tamsin Wiley-Scott

Hello my name is Tamsin Wiley-Scott but I’m known as Tiggy. I have extensive experience of producing music videos for bands such as The Killers and Scissor Sisters. I have also produced several viral adverts for customers such as Samsung.

Through FilmWorks I have written my own film “Disappear” (see below) and I have joined forces with Kae Bahar http://www.filmworks.org.uk/author/kaebahar/ and his feature film Blindfold Shoes and Matt Freeth http://www.filmworks.org.uk/author/mattfreeth/ and his short The Monster.

“The Monster” A live action short about horror in the home and the monster that manifests. Ben’s dad is violent and a monster grows inside Ben’s room. Ben must escape with his Mum before its too late for them all.

“Blindfold Shoes” “It is 1969, Kurdistan/Iraq, Saddam is in power. Tishko is 10 years old, he loves football and dreams of seeing Pele play in Baghdad. But he has nothing, not even shoes and he is about to loose the home he shares with his mother and older brother. Through a twist of fate he meets Mr English who offers him a way out. But in a society where children are not trusted he has an almost impossible struggle to keep his promise and save his family home.”

This beautiful story will be shot in Kurdistan and directed by the writer Kae who has extensive documentary and short film making experience. We have been assured that 30% of the budget for Blindfold Shoes can come form Kurdistan with the possibility of more funds from Iraq. What we need is a production company in England to run the film through and a producer with feature credits. Please get in touch if you are interested in hearing more.

“Disappear” by contrast is a feature film shot in the West of England.

“Mark and Kevin are at Bristol University studying mathematics. When their tutor creates a mathematical conundrum using crop circles, they seriously clash. Kevin wants to believe in alien messages, Mark thinks he’s out of his mind. They decide to take up the tutors challenge and create a crop circle but Kevin disappears and Mark finds himself needing to use Kevin’s ideas on alien messages to prove his innocence.”

Park Street, Victorian houses, Somerset levels, Glastonbury Tor, hazy summer afternoons, dusk, dawn and lens flares. If you like film references think Super 8, Close Encounters and Monsters meets Withnail and I.


Website: www.tamsinwiley-scott.com

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Private Peaceful

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One minute pitch … revisited

Well I had a go at delivering my one minute pitch but I ended up spending too much time on the concept rather than the story. So …. Mark and Kevin are at Bristol University studying mathematics. Kevin is English, he has grown up in a warm, bohemian, argumentative, intellectual family.  He is a maths genius and has recently become obsessed by the idea that despite popular beliefs to the contrary, crop circles could indeed … Continue reading

Disappear – mood reel

Here is the mood reel for Disappear. Being a producer means I have very little experience of actual editing. So its pretty basic, plus my poor MacBook could not handle ripping footage so I have resorted to stills, but it should give you an idea of influences. Also please excuse the aspect ratio. Think Super 8, Beautiful Mind, Close Encounters and Monsters meets Withnail and I. Mark and Kevin are at Bristol University studying mathematics. … Continue reading

Already making a diffrence

I feel so lucky to be part of FilmWorks, its so inspiring to be surrounded by so many talented and driven people. Can’t wait to get to know everyone and their films. Last week we were put into teams and it was my turn to present my idea. Pretty scary, I had so little worked out, just a strong ‘feeling’ but my team took it on and gave some fantastic feedback. I then spent the … Continue reading