About Simon Pearce

Simon Pearce

Simon has been directing and producing short films since he was in his early teens and is currently developing his third feature.

His second, “Judas Ghost”, written by New York Times best-selling author Simon R. Green, is a 75 minute fantasy horror which will complete post production in January 2013. The film was shot on the ARRI Alexa.

His new project, “SENKA”, is a dark thriller set in British suburbia. Tony Greyson is a 35 year old, under-achieving office worker, once happily married to Lisa, a successful business-woman, but Lisa has been missing for the last year and it’s approaching the anniversary of her disappearance. With no real leads and everyone else assuming she simply up and left him, Tony has begun his own vein search for the truth, but, with nothing to go on, now even he has started to question her motives. However, it soon becomes apparent the truth may be far more dangerous than he could have ever anticipated. On the eve of gaining some explosive new information about Lisa’s past, he witnesses the brutal murder of his father in law and discovers a seedy underworld in which he never expected to find her, nor himself. Caught between two rival criminal organisations, and with his wife somewhere in the middle, Tony is aided in his quest by Senka, a mysterious Serbian woman who also appears to be in search of his missing wife.

As Tony is introduced to Senka’s violent way of life, his dark side is awakened and he starts to realise he may be far more comfortable and capable in her world, than he ever was in his own. A bond between them begins to develop and as their search for Tony’s wife reaches its conclusion two very different people are reunited, two people who may no longer wish to find each other.

Simon’s mood reel for the project can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9y0IfKG0E8

“SENKA” is currently seeking funding for both development and production.

Website: www.simon-pearce.co.uk
Twitter: @cbaproductions

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Shameless Plug

Hello all, The trailer and website for my second feature, “Judas Ghost”, is now live at www.judasghostmovie.com – check it out if you get the chance! Thanks. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to one and all!

SENKA: The 60 second pitch

Having gained some very useful advice during the previous session about how best to try and pitch in your movie in that dreaded minute, here’s mine so far for the proposed feature. Hopefully leaves you wanting more whilst also giving you enough to capture your interest in the first place. Feedback welcome as always! “Senka” is a dark, character-driven thriller set in British suburbia. Tony Greyson is a 35 year old, under-achieving office worker, once … Continue reading

Must try harder….

So last night’s Filmworks session was all about the 60 second pitch, if you’ve got a quick audience with the right person, how do you get across all the key points of your film in a short timeframe and get them hooked and wanting to hear more? I recently put together the first mood reel for my proposed project, which I was quite happy with, but of course you don’t have time to show something … Continue reading


Okay, so after much discussions of mood reels over the last couple of sessions I’ve finally got one together for the project I’m currently developing. “Senka” is a feature length thriller in which Tony Greyson, an under-achieving office worker, is forced to take extraordinary measures when he starts his own investigation into his wife’s disappearance. Just as he begins to discover that his wife may not have been who he thought, he crosses paths with … Continue reading

Looper Mood Reel

Hi guys, Thought this might be of interest – don’t know if you’ve all seen Rian Johnson’s Looper yet (highly recommend it), but he’s just released his own mood reel for it online that helped to get the project greenlit. Check it out! https://vimeo.com/51294350  

Belated first blog!

Hello fellow filmworkers! This might be a bit of a long one as I’m a little late to this blogging party, partly due to some hectic 12 hour days the last couple of weeks and also some trepidation on my part whenever it comes to airing my thoughts online. Still, part of this is about confidently presenting your ideas to new people so here goes nothing. Bare with me… or skip this entry entirely, whatever … Continue reading