About Sica Denerley-Weiss

Sica Denerley-Weiss

Sica is an incredibly passionate, creative and resourceful producer; consistently obtaining high production values from low budgets. She has the ability to work solo or successfully collaboratively, to develop an idea from inception through to completion. Since she started making films, she has had numerous submissions to film competitions, and has taken ideas from script to screen, be it her own or the that of local writers and directors. Her on-going hard work and dedication to her craft goes hand-in-hand with her realistic film-making: creating beautiful films on a shoestring.

Sica is currently producing a collaborative feature film with Reel People Films. The film is an anthological, romantic-comedy portraying the ups-and-downs of ten very different, yet cleverly linked relationships.

The film is uniquely produced in that each of the story-lines has been written and will be directed by different film-makers, with the intent to boost the skills, careers and networks of every cast and crew member.

Sica doesn’t let low budgets or hard work hinder her ambition and determination and is more passionate than ever to succeed in this crazy, creative industry!

Website: www.firstladyfilms.co.uk
Twitter: @SicaD_Weiss

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Fundraising Campaign Commences!

Hello Film-Makers! I hope you are all well! I just wanted to let you know and encourage a little bit of a marketing push- that Reel People Films campaign is now live! You can view it here: http://igg.me/at/Onethemovie/x/2693516 We really need to reach our £5000 goal to ensure we cover all grounds in terms of extra kit, insurance, location costs and food/drink on shoot. As we have ten shorts making up this fantastic feature- we don’t … Continue reading

Crew Call for Reel People Films

Reel People Films is a collaboration of film-makers who are currently producing their first feature film in Bristol. It’s an anthology film based on relationships in and around the City. The script has been written by a series of script writers and we intend to shoot the 10 story-lines as short films with the intention of linking everything and everyone to create one story and therefore one engaging, emotive and enticing film. We are currently … Continue reading

I can write too. Honest.

This is an ambitious and creative project for equally ambitious and creative people.  Reel People Films is a no budget feature film which will be made with the help of local film-makers in order to increase skills, experience and a greater network of cast and crew in Bristol. It is completely collaborative and we won’t turn down the enthusiasm or initiative of anybody interested in being involved! Not only that, but we will ensure that … Continue reading

A video blog: Introduction.

So, seeing as this is programme aims to develop the careers and perhaps lives of aspiring  film-makers in the UK, I thought i’d try something new and develop an online video blog… Starting here : Slightly embarrassing and probably not very interesting for a lot of you but I figure they’ll get more structured as the weeks go on! Enjoy.