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Writer/ Producer Scotty Clark’s debut production Evidently John Cooper Clarke which starred Steve Coogan, Bill Bailey, Stuart Lee and Plan B, alongside other household names – was broadcast on BBC4 in May, trended on Twitter and played Sheffield International Documentary Festival.

The Big Blue In Littlegreen


A redemptive thriller set in the bleak, former pit-village of Littlegreen, where a campaign to save an allotment attracts an ensemble of eco-protesters who set up camp nearby. All is not as it seems; and the dying allotment holder DENIS reveals to his future son in law DAVE that the fight is all a smokescreen… His wife did not run away in 1991, he came home to find her with her lover on the kitchen table, and in a blind rage killed them with a coal hammer, and they are both buried in the allotment, and he is too frail to dig them out. He pleads with Dave to help remove them as he cannot die knowing the development will go ahead, that the bodies will be discovered and his daughter will know that he killed her mother. Dave has no choice other than to capitulate and is drawn into Denis’s sinister secrets and deceit as he seeks to shield his future wife. Their digging draws a blank and they discover that coalmining has caused subsidence which has caused the bodies to shift. Dave is consumed with finding the bodies. He appears selfish, secretive and unsupportive towards Debs as she leads the campaign, and Dave’s increasingly bizarre behaviour alienates him from her.

They become estranged when Debs takes more eco-protesters to the allotment only to discover Dave has trashed it, unable to explain the truth he blurts out he is badger-baiting. Debs – appalled and disgusted – finds solace in the new world of the eco-protesters – their educated ways, food, feminist ideas and travelling around the country in customised buses – she embarks on a voyage of discovery – wherein she see’s Dave as the selfish, one-dimensional beast of a man that he is. Chaos ensues as Denis collapses as the bodies are found and Debs rushes him to hospital. Dave refuses to join her as he exhumes, destroys and reburies the bones in concrete foundations. Denis free of his fears dies in Debs arms on a hospital bed and she promises to him she will save the allotment. Dave has succeeded in his task – but in shielding her – he loses her love and she leaves the village with the eco-protesters to another site, with the intention of getting a bus and travelling around the country.

Dave accepts he would rather lose his woman than destroy her life with the truth. Isolated and alone he is befriended by PETE and CATHY, two older eco-hippies who have stayed behind. They get the truth out of him over a bottle of whiskey and are overwhelmed and moved by his story. They explain they have planted larvae of the rarest and most heavily protected butterfly on the British Isles – the Big Blue – which will lead to the allotment being protected from the developers, but first they need to go through the Courts. They confide that Debs is struggling with the reality of waking up in a sodden tent, how she fears she will never be able to fulfil her promise of saving the allotment, of her desire to travel and how she is depressed and missing the Dave she fell in love with, the Dave who stopped being the man she loved when burdened with his grim task. They convince him that if he was to buy and kit out a bus, and they were to train him in public speaking, ecological matters, butterflies and legal ways, then he could the man who saves the allotment for Debs, and win her back.

The rest of the film now is about righting that wrong. Dave is trained in the art of ecology, butterflies, legal aspects and public speaking as he is prepared for the challenge of defending the allotment in the Courts. Debs goes to Court expecting Pete and Cathy to speak for the cause and is horrified to discover – at the very last second – it’s her and Dave who will defend the allotment, engineered by Pete and Cathy. She is way out of her depth but Dave is a revelation in the courtroom; an articulate, knowledgeable and persuasive man who directs the Court to designate the allotment a protected site. Amidst ecstatic jubilation on the steps outside the Courts, Debs and Dave falls back in love, as Pete delivers the newly done-up coach. Dave and Debs drive off Pete and Cathy cuddle up as they watch them drive away with Petula Clark’s I Couldn’t Live without Your Love playing.

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The Big Blue in Littlegreen Mood Reel (pt2)

Hi fellow filmmakers, thanks for the tip off Neil, My one line pitch is: ‘Shallow Grave meets Brassed Off within Grow Your Own’. These films are used in my rip reel, which I hope you enjoy!

The Big Blue in Littlegreen Mood Reel…

Hi fellow filmmakers, My one line pitch is: ‘Shallow Grave meets Brassed Off within Grow Your Own’. These films are used in my rip reel, which I hope you enjoy!

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