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Scarlett Watson

Scarlett has currently just completed her degree from Sheffield Hallam University, studying Film and Media Production, achieving a upper second class level (2:1). The North is very much part of her work and she wishes to create her own Yorkshire based Film company. Scarlett wishes to see how she can further her skills and passion into this company vision, as well as stretch her creativity as a writer and director. She wishes to meet fellow creatives who can possibly assist with her vision, and who she can learn from. As Scarlett is primarily a Writer and Director, she finds it important to meet those who are more technical minded. Scarlett considers her self a very dedicated filmmaker, and wishes to share this dedication with others.

“With the current economy that we live in, it is very difficult to keep a sight on those future career goals, and I hope to help creatives in finding it again”

Scarlett wishes to share her passion, her experience and her love for this industry, and just like the many filmmakers before her, she wants to redefine the name for Northern-made Films.

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Contact me!

Before i leave for the night, if anyone would like to get in touch with me for future projects, the best way of contact is via email. scarlettwatson90@gmail.com I do also run my own company in Sheffield, and as soon as all the details have been finalised I will update you all with how to contact me.   THANKS GUYS x

Final Session

So. Its been a week since Filmworks ended. Such a shame. But its not an ending really. I reckon its only the beginning of so many different collaberations on a variety of projects. And isn’t that what filmworks strived to do since the start. On that basis alone, Filmworks was a success.

Inside Synopsis

Michael is on the cusp of adulthood. His Father, Steve, works in the Steel Industry, a manual worker. With his father working constantly, his brother no where to be heard of, it’s left to Michael to take care of his younger sister, and his mother, on a rough council estate. Feeling like his life is being dictated to him, Michael seeks refuge with Elizabeth, a deaf girl who is hopelessly in love with Michael. Not … Continue reading

This is the poster idea that I took to bristol with me. Let me know what you all think. Synopsis to follow.

Extremely Delayed First Post

Hello All!!! As the title suggests, this is a very delayed first post about film works from me. Not that it excuses it at all, but I do have a full time job, as well as being a freelance production co-ordinator at the moment. But more on that later.   I wonder how many other directors have endured a writers block. The thing with me, the way I work, is seeing specific scenes in my … Continue reading