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Matt Taylor

Matt has worked across various projects, from shorts and features in visual post, to music videos as DOP and editor, most recently writing and directing a theatrically released commercial for the 2012 Olympics. FilmWorks is now perfectly placed to grow Matt’s networks regionally, nationally and internationally, nurturing a greater understanding of the film industry as provider of creative opportunities, opportunities with commercial sustainability and to collaborate with talented regional practitioners. His dream is to forge life long relationships that will further cement the region’s already healthy filmmaking scene. With over ten years experience in camera and visual post, and working closely with a regional audio post facility, Matt is also positioned to bring technical expertise to peers who may be more creatively minded. For Matt the advice of industry speakers is going to be invaluable, fostering an understanding of the wider industry, and of modern forms of digital funding, audience building and cross platform distribution. Ultimately the advice, networking and expertise on offer is going to be the catalyst for the next step in Matt’s career: A leap into feature documentary production, bringing small people with large stories to the screen, to excite, entertain and emotionally engage an audience.

Website: www.inpointstudios.co.uk

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‘2 PLAYER GAME’ Our new video game TV series Pilot

Hello Filmworkers, Filmworkers, Filmworkers (Echoes) So things have taken a few strange turns since we were all together in that room all those moons ago. Through a very complicated and criss crossy path I now find myself as the director of a new TV Pilot about video games, their creators and the art and science behind the medium. It’s the brain child of myself and friend and Journalist Paul Drury (Retro Gamer / EDGE). For … Continue reading

Just finished my booklet for the Meet on Wednesday…

Its been quite reassuring and productive having set my ideas out in this booklet I have designed to try and help bring the idea to life. I’ve published it on issuu.com, a great self publishing website Al, introduced us Nottingham lot to it last week. If you peeps in Bristol and Sheffield don’t know about it, its a really useful tool, and may help you with your pitches on Wednesday. Well hopefully getting everything down … Continue reading

‘WILD PROTEUS’ GameCity Live Event Video, shot and edited by me, goes global…

Hello Everyone, had some great news yesterday. Brandon Boyer, self styled king of indie videogames, ex EDGE Magazine collaborator and Chairman of the Independent Game Festival (IGF) featured my work on his new website and love letter to all things indie: Venus Patrol. If you don’t know about Venus Patrol, it is a website and initiative to create discussion and collaborations between games developers on the edge of the medium and push the boundaries of … Continue reading

Documentary Overview website with free Paperwork templates in .pdf format

Hello All This ones for all the documentary makers. I found this Australian website on my travels (through the internet, not through Australia), that is admittedly something of a very simple introduction to documentary filmmaking, but its often a good idea to refresh yourself with the basics, it can help to cement things in your head. Also the site has in its ‘virtual library’ a selection of pdf templates for paperwork such as location agreements, … Continue reading

My harshest critics…Not only liked, but understood my rip reel…

Hello Everyone Well today I met my Mum and her lets say, less than ‘forward thinking’ husband, Graham for lunch, and after the usual pleasantries, the conversation turned to my being on the FilmWorks course, which was met with the resolute questioning of ‘Does it pay? How much do you get paid?’ and have I ‘thought about settling down and getting a real job?’. This is how Graham’s brain works. Just as a little backstory, … Continue reading

Archive Footage For Your Rip Reels

Hi everyone, last night I did a stupid thing and sunk about 4 hours into my rip reel, I know what you’re thinking, what is so stupid about that? Well, nothing, normally, but I started around midnight…Jeez Anyway I’m totally loving the experience, its totally satisfying to piece together portions of other people’s stories, scavenge for footage across the internet and your movie collection and ultimately employ your editing and storytelling skills to create a … Continue reading

My GameCityNights Trailer Debuts On edge-online Today

I am really pleased to have been involved in the promotional campaign for GameCityNights’ upcoming UK wide tour, and thought you guys might wanna take a look. The first details have been released today on EDGE magazine’s website edge-online, along with the trailer I directed, shot and edited for the tour. GameCity is an annual videogame culture festival held here in Nottingham, and Nights is its after-dark off shoot bringing top tier and indie developers … Continue reading

Creative Quarter Workshop In Nottingham Today

Hello Nottingham Peeps This may be slightly off topic, in the face of everyone’s creative outpouring’s on here, which I have been enjoying. But… If you’re like me and make your living from filmmaking and are a practicing camera op/director/editor for hire. You may be interested in the development of Nottingham’s new Creative Quarter. Today a workshop is running from 3.00pm to 5.00pm on (Friday 28 September) at Antenna Media Centre on Beck Street in … Continue reading

Selling The Spirit Of Your Movie…

So Bristol and the Watershed kicked off the first of Filmwork’s live simultaneous broadcasts last week from the Encounters Festival, bringing to the table Aardman luminaries: Peter Lord (Co Founder & Director of The Pirates) & Julie Lockhart (Producer of The Pirates) & Independents Alison Sterling & Kasia Klimkiewicz (Producer & Director of IFeatures financed Flying Blind, respectively) to talk about selling your idea, and the pitching process. What was interesting to me was that, … Continue reading