About Matthew McMullan

Matthew McMullan

Matthew is a Sheffield-based filmmaker who thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the FilmWorks scheme. He learned much from the scheme in terms of the wealth of knowledge of the professionals involved and the invaluable bedrock of feedback he  received from the other filmmakers taking part. He feels he has become stronger at pitching and getting plot ideas across in a short space of time as a result of the scheme.

Matthew has written several feature-length screenplays and although he enjoys the isolation and focus of writing he thrives on the collaborative nature of directing. He has written and directed six shorts (four self-financed, two Lottery Funded through Screen Yorkshire).

His chief goal is to find a great producer to collaborate with so that he can become part of a producer-director team that makes original British feature films which gain world-wide audiences.

Link to Matthew’s HD short film ‘Weed Run’:


Link to Matthew’s HD short film ‘Too Short A Walk’:


Link to Matthew’s HD short The Girl at Death’s Door:


Link to Matthew’s S16mm short ‘Strange Digs’:





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The unexplored cinematic allure of…

  I really like mobile libraries. They may not be cool enough to feature in a Bruce Springsteen tune (Born to Read, anyone?) but I find they do possess an unexplored cinematic allure. For this reason they feature prominently in my feature script ‘The 31st Walk’. Since the mobile library delivers an important service to city outskirts, it is in effect a moving location and this creates opportunities to show rarely seen parts of the … Continue reading

Here’s one I didn’t make earlier…

With 12.12.12 in Bristol almost upon us, here’s a mood/rip reel for my feature project ‘The 31st Walk’. There were two routes I could have gone with it: an Indie-style affair scored with a lovely tune called ‘Redford’ by Sufjan Stevens, or something potentially more sinister and haunting. I decided to go with the latter…   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fr30ksYaVeE&feature=youtu.be

Pitch for a feature.

Greetings folks.  Below is a synopsis/pitch for a project I have developed throughout FilmWorks and intend to pitch in Bristol next week, a feature at first draft stage called ‘The 31st Walk’.   Mike loves his girlfriend Marie, but it’s complicated…

Attack of the Killer B

The second FilmWorks night was great. The group pitching session was once again fun and encouraging. Christopher Simon and Chris Hainsworth’s comments on the better marketability of some genres over others confirmed my previous thoughts about developing something more specifically Horror, Thriller or Sci-Fi. Ideally this would be a B Movie/low budget project strong enough to attract A List talent and I could then use it’s (hopeful!) success to promote interest in other projects. One … Continue reading

Never blogged before…

…So here goes nowt: Really enjoyed the first night in Sheffield. Alison Sterling made an interesting point when she said that you should try and develop your script/project as much as possible before submitting it to executive producers and the like (I think she referred to this as the “shark pool”) so that you can defend and protect your vision from potential unnecessary changes. This sounds like some good advice. I also like the idea that Katarzyna Klimkiewicz … Continue reading