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Matt Freeth

Matt Freeth has been making short films and music videos from an early age. To pursue his directing career, he recently left his job as a senior creative at a leading video agency. He now aims to raise his profile and lay the groundwork for directing features by making a number of self-funded shorts. From divorce and spaceships to violent relationships and monsters… Matt’s work mixes social drama with a fantastical edge. He’s currently developing a short horror with a fantasy twist about a boy overcoming his fear of a violent father. He plans to exhibit it in an interactive way. It’s an ambitious project that he hopes will grab the attention of agents and feature producers. Matt is at a crucial stage in his directing career and Filmworks offers him the springboard to realise his full potential. Most importantly, the access to industry professionals, their advice and guidance and the opportunity to collaborate with the wealth of talented peers will be invaluable. Matt hopes to be an active and dynamic part of the Filmworks process and looks forward to sharing his expertise and experiences whilst learning from others.

Matt has recently shot Visible Dreams, an experimental stereo 3D short which is currently in post-production and he is in pre-production of an ambitious short horror, The Monster.

The Monster – Synopsis

The Monster is a live action short about being trapped…
When 9 year old Ben shows an out of character nasty streak his dad doesnt like what he sees. He tries to discipline his son, but lashes out and inadvertantly breaks Ben’s arm. Dad tries to apologise but for mum this is a line that should never have been crossed – they must escape soon.
That night, arm in a cast, Ben hears noises and can’t sleep. He’s scared. Mum tries to calm him down and tells him there’s no such thing as monsters. He Notices the bruises on her face and she tells him to be brave. He feels responsible and knows he can’t leave the room or Dad could get angry again.
Dad can’t deal with what he’s done and takes it out on Mum. But mum shuts off from Dad which only aggrivates him even more. Ben continues to hear strange noises and as Dad’s anger towards mum increases, something menacing grows inside Ben’s room.
Ben’s terrified. Clenching hold of his duvet, he watches as a large hairy monster looms over and a grotesque slimy tongue extends to lick his face.
Dad can’t understand why Mum won’t communicate with him. He becomes enraged and tells her that they should have got rid of Ben at pregnancy. When Ben screams out for help, Dad loses it and heads to Ben’s room, but mum holds him back. Dad lays into her. She screams.
Ben hears and remembers… he must be brave! Smashing a mirror he stabs at the monster with a jagged shard. He escapes and locks the monster in his room, it tries to turn the handle but Ben runs to the sitting room to save his mum.
Covered in Monster blood and wielding the shard, Ben tells his Dad to let his mum go. But Dad tells them that it won’t be like this anymore, that he’ll change.
Mum tells him that they’re leaving. Angrily, Dad grabs a weapon of his own, but Ben and Mum escape and lock Dad in the flat. They run to safety. Dad is alone, but Ben’s door opens and Dad realises he’s trapped with a vicious monster.

Project status: currently looking for further funding.

Website: www.mattfreeth.com
Twitter: @matthewfreeth

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