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Lucy Campbell

Lucy Campbell is an award winning filmmaker, in receipt of a Royal Television Society Best Fiction, and a finalist in Virgin Media Shorts 2011, with credits in film festivals as far flung as India, Canada and South Africa. She is a writer/director/producer of ambitious, original and visually stunning films. Starting out in artist film, she has spent the last few years developing her practice in narrative short film. With a track record of successes, she is now developing a feature length thriller, THE PIG CHILD – A Modern Day Frankenstein, with a closely investigated scientific basis, working alongside cutting edge scientists and researchers at the Manchester University Stem Cell Research Centre. The film will investigate what it is to be human, in a neo gothic thriller, exploring the darker side of human nature, the relentless determination to create. Lucy Campbell is a determined, passionate and energetic filmmaker with an eclectic working background in art, literature and as a medical doctor. She is gaining a wider infrastructure for her projects, engaging with the industry, creating partnerships and developing the commercial potential of her ideas. Filmworks has been a unique opportunity to forge invaluable contacts and raise her profile on a national and international level.


Twitter: lucy__campbell

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Pig Child to be included in Network, EIFF’s feature film mentoring scheme

My feature project PIG CHILD has been accepted onto NETWORK, run by Edinburgh International Film Festival, for individual mentoring and development. The scheme is led by Kate Leys, renowned London based script editor. http://www.eiffnetwork.com/participants/ http://www.kateleys.co.uk/biog/

PIG CHILD opening scene

…the opening scene of PIG CHILD was filmed in early January, finally edited… see what you think… https://vimeo.com/60241995  


Recently watched Dina Jacobsen’s film COMA GIRL – STATE OF GRACE an award winning film (get the DVD from Amazon) which has become a cult favourite, what a great film, utterly original, and funny, perceptive, engaging, and like nothing else I have ever seen before.. a mix of stand up, animation, live action drama, and voice over, very well written, and in a genre of its own. Totally enjoyable.  

THE PIG CHILD, Filmworks and beyond

Since Filmworks has ended, I have put in an application for development funding from Creative England, (will keep you posted), for money to develop the script for THE PIG CHILD, I am in touch with Kate Leys, feature film script editor http://www.kateleys.co.uk/ awaiting a first meeting with her to really look at the script and start to ‘get it good’…. I am due to meet with Alison Sterling of Ignition Films¬†http://www.ignitionfilms.org/ who is interested in … Continue reading

Setting: Gothic, Industrial Manchester

The setting for THE PIG CHILD will be modern day Manchester, but focusing on the areas of Gothic Victorian industrial architecture, heavy viaducts, huge brick bridges, lonely littered canals, and grafitti lined underpasses, decoratively rococo, colourful, neon, street lamps, nightlife, traffic, flyovers, impersonal. Manchester is, for me, Britain’s Chicago, full of personality, atmosphere, a big city, with indi culture, not looking to London for style counsel.


It is almost time for humanity to start building humans. Using human stem cell technology, scientists are on the cusp of being able to produce a limitless supply of body parts. ¬† It’s been a busy time developing our contemporary take on the Frankenstein story, fun and motivating to be part of FILMWORKS, which has meant we are now moving forward with our ideas super quickly… Working alongside cutting edge scientists at Manchester University’s Stem … Continue reading

I didn’t know what to expect last night

I didn’t know what to expect last night, at the first Filmworks session, and was relieved to find the other participants were diverse in age and career background, not fitting into any boxes, because there are no boxes for film directors, no established career path for us. The two things I wrote down were : Peter Lord saying “love the project” that he likes to make films “that please me” …the same thing really, but … Continue reading