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Lawrence Tallis

Lawrence Tallis is a recent graduate from the MA in Film Production at Sheffield Hallam University. He left with a distinction and was awarded both the Sean Ferrin Prize for best student project (1st year) and the Brightest Spark award for the best graduation film (as judged by industry professionals). Lawrence is very keen to build on this platform and gain a real understanding of what it takes to get projects into development. He is also looking forward to continuing his development as a film-maker and is relishing the opportunity to do so via the workshops, masterclasses and mentoring sessions of the FilmWorks scheme. Furthermore, he is excited to benefit from these opportunities in an environment focused both on commercial and creative potential as he is a filmmaker who is focused on finding an audience for his work whilst exploring the themes and ideas he is passionate about. Lawrence brings with him a great enthusiasm for film-making, a proven ability to lead a team in a creative environment and a desire to develop himself and his understanding of the medium. He has a number of exciting projects which would benefit greatly from being taken forward in this forum, and is hoping to find collaborators with whom to continue making films in Sheffield.

Website: vimeo.com
Twitter: @loztallis

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Another Mood Reel Post

Hi all, I’m finally getting around to posting my mood reel. I made it before the last session but have made a number of changes based on the feedback from my group on the night. I’d still like to add in a few more clips with teenagers to better convey the age of my characters as one thing that came out of the session was that the ‘teenagers’ in the existing clips do not necessarily … Continue reading

First Day at School

Week 1 of FilmWorks and I’m already excited to see what transpires, both professionally and personally over the coming weeks. My initial feeling on arrival was pleasant surprise at seeing so many filmmakers working out of Sheffield. Who knew? It’s going to be great to get to know the others and I already feel as though this will be the start of many fruitful collaborations. The session itself was great. Despite slight technical difficulties negotiating … Continue reading