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Blindfold Shoes

feature film by Kae Bahar

“It is 1969, Kurdistan/Iraq, Saddam is in power. Tishko is 10 years old, he loves football and dreams of seeing Pele play in Baghdad. But he has nothing, not even shoes and he is about to loose the home he shares with his mother and older brother. Through a twist of fate he meets Mr English who offers him a way out. But in a society where children are not trusted he has an almost impossible struggle to keep his promise and save his family home.”

This film will be shot in Kurdistan and directed by myself, the writer. I have extensive documentary and short film making experience and excellent contacts in Kurdistan/Iraq. I have been assured that 30% of the budget for Blindfold Shoes can come form Kurdistan with the possibility of more funds from Iraq. What we need is a production company in England to run the film through and a producer with feature credits. Please get in touch if you are interested in hearing more.

Having grown up during Saddam’s regime in Kurdistan-Iraq, the magic of film was Kae’s main source of inspiration in the war torn country. Since living in Europe, Kae has produced and directed several short documentary films for BBC, C4 and other major broadcasters that have told compelling stories of exceptional realities, brought to light from the unknown and unreported worlds. But since his childhood Kae has harboured a deep love for fiction, and wishes to creatively portray these realities with powerful poetic strength that could touch a wider audience, as well as unravel the subtleties in themes, settings and character. Following his strong documentary background, he is confident of his voice and wishes to amplify it through fiction. Having lived in diverse societies of the Middle East and Europe, Kae believes he is in a strategic mindset to package these stories to reach, entertain and inspire with genuine sincerity. Kae has several short and feature film scripts ready to go in to production, and is looking forward to meeting local film makers, share experiences, network and collaborate on future film projects. Taking part in FilmWorks will be a gateway to these aspirations.



Website: www.jokafilms.com
Twitter: @KaeBahar

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Almost a year ago

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Blindfold Shoes – mood reel

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A bit more about Blindfold Shoes

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