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John Edwards

John Edwards is an independent film maker who has proven experience of achieving highly professional results with minimal resources. For the last five years he has galvanized small, largely unpaid, teams and used his own considerable technical expertise and leadership skills to realize his unique visions, which have been shown on both TV and at an international film festival. To date, this has largely been achieved outside of conventional film production channels. He highly values the opportunity Film Works offers to further his profile, networks, knowledge of the industry and to develop his film-making skills.

His vision has been to direct honest, intellectually challenging and technically accomplished documentaries and fictional narratives that have the emotional impact of major feature films on slender and self-generated resources. He is now looking to engage with the professional film making industry and to gain knowledge of all its areas.

John has a passion for both fictional narrative and documentary film-making, and is interested in pushing the documentary/fiction borderline. In the past Its been done in all sorts of ways, often with critical success but not necessarily commercial success.

With a distinct nod in the direction of the production techniques used by his namesake Gareth Edwards on “Monsters”, it is John’s mission during the FilmWorks program to get a feature project into development, that aims to create a grand scale cinematic film that combines fiction and documentary style, and to do it on a micro-budget.

Website: www.sighthoundfilms.org

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Regarding the following post – PROFIT&LOSS is the working title for the Financial Empire fights Fairground Dynasty, love story in a travelers illegal encampment idea I did the elevator pitch for at the last workshop. Cheers John


Well, I finally got there with the mood board/rip reel. Made a few mods today following weds post pitch discussion. The footage includes some of the stuff we shot off the Go Pro head cams at Nottingham Goose Fair, also the stuff we shot from the crowd on ex1’s. The shoot was for a taster short called “Goose FEAR” that’s now in post. For the Sheffield and Bristol contingent, Nottingham Goose fair, is no longer … Continue reading

Goose FEAR – taster stills mood board thing

I have put a series of freeze frames from the Goose FEAR shoot up on the Facebook site, here: http://www.facebook.com/GooseFEAR2012 Goose FEAR will be a taster short for the feature project. So I guess this works in a similar way to a mood board.

Goose FEAR

Hi All The shoot at Goose Fair went very well, I shall be putting some stills on the Facebook site tomorrow. I’m thinking of switching my feature idea to a fairground location. We got such a great response from the fairground people and the public. Any thoughts ?

AAhhh Goose FEAR causes late homework

After the first session I decided to mod my idea for the taster short I intended to shoot before the end of the film works programme. It was something Al Clark said about the value of a short that introduced the characters of a feature idea etc. My feature project is based around the idea of shooting fictional narrative, live at a major event. So I decided to make a short at Nottingham’s Goose Fair, … Continue reading

BEN documentary on 4od

A couple of people asked me at the first session where they could see my Paralympic Doc. Channel 4 still have it on their video on demand service 4oD – here: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/ben-rushgrove/4od#3407632

KIlling Them Softly

Met up with a few of the group to watch Andrew Dominik’s latest. I loved “The Assassination of Jesse James…” but thought it a little slow in the middle. For me “Killing them Softly”, suffered the same way, though not to the same degree. The underlying political dimension was very interesting for me, as it resonates with the ideas that underpin my FilmWorks project. My film idea has a message based around the inequality in … Continue reading

Great first session in Nottingham

Great first session in Nottingham, lovely to meet everyone.  A really inspiring night. I learnt a lot in a short time and am already employing some new thinking on my project. Great to meet Scotty, a fellow first time documentary maker that makes it to TV and also fellow long term Glastonbury workforce member! I hope to exploit that link in the project somewhere Scotty. The workshop session we had with Sophia’s project was really … Continue reading