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John Edwards

John Edwards is an independent film maker who has proven experience of achieving highly professional results with minimal resources. For the last five years he has galvanized small, largely unpaid, teams and used his own considerable technical expertise and leadership skills to realize his unique visions, which have been shown on both TV and at an international film festival. To date, this has largely been achieved outside of conventional film production channels. He highly values the opportunity Film Works offers to further his profile, networks, knowledge of the industry and to develop his film-making skills.

His vision has been to direct honest, intellectually challenging and technically accomplished documentaries and fictional narratives that have the emotional impact of major feature films on slender and self-generated resources. He is now looking to engage with the professional film making industry and to gain knowledge of all its areas.

John has a passion for both fictional narrative and documentary film-making, and is interested in pushing the documentary/fiction borderline. In the past Its been done in all sorts of ways, often with critical success but not necessarily commercial success.

With a distinct nod in the direction of the production techniques used by his namesake Gareth Edwards on “Monsters”, it is John’s mission during the FilmWorks program to get a feature project into development, that aims to create a grand scale cinematic film that combines fiction and documentary style, and to do it on a micro-budget.

Website: www.sighthoundfilms.org

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New Short Film by John Edwards – THE GAME SHOW

Not sure if anyone is still tuned in to this blog but I thought I’d post news of my latest film THE GAME SHOW. – Its Finished !! see the trailer here: http://youtu.be/dRZrPpbDayY THE GAME SHOW – Trailer Trailer for: THE GAME SHOW A short film by John Edwards A cross genre…   An early version played at SSF-Rated Athens (science fiction and fantasy festival) back in March, but the finished film has its first … Continue reading

THE GAME SHOW – Producer wanted

Hi All When I went on the FilmWorks programme last autumn my main intention was to try to find a producer to work with. There are lots of people doing bits on the THE GAME SHOW to help with funding and pre-production. But we still don’t have a Producer as such. If anyone knows a Nottingham/Midlands/Sheffield based Producer who might be interested in getting involved please pass this on or get in touch. I am … Continue reading

THE GAME SHOW – Crowd fund link

I guess it might have helped if I have included the link to the funding campaign again – Its here: http://www.sponsume.com/project/game-show Check out the poster below: its by Kit Mason  

First FilmWorks Funder

Niel – Thanks very much for contributing to THE GAME SHOW crowd funding. The fund is creeping up. If everyone at FilmWorks could spare a fiver you’d contribute around £250. That’s 10% of our target. Please help us out if you can spare a fiver You can make this film happen. We would be so so grateful Cheers John  


Hi All – Its been a long time but I now have something to talk about. It would have been lovely to tell you I have a feature in development, that was my target  outcome from the FilmWorks program. But when it came to it, I needed to make a couple more shorts. So my new film project is: A short film that takes a dark satirical look at online gambling, celebrity culture – and … Continue reading

GooseFEAR 7 min edit on Vimeo

Hi All I have put the 7 minute edit of GooseFEAR on Vimeo here: Could do with some feedback. 7 mins feels right in lots of respects, but the whole thing now feels a bit frenetic. Maybe thinking I should have chopped a section out and relaxed the fast cutting a bit. Still not sure about the music at the end either. Al – is this still too much like a music video? Cheers John

Another Earth – Must see

Just watched Another Earth and loved it. Its a US indie movie that won a couple of things at Sundance last year. I’m sure many of you will have seen it. First feature by Mike Cahill. From the credits I discovered he co-wrote, co-produced, directed, shot and edited it, in close collaboration with the lead actress Brit Marling (Co – writer/producer). The reason I had to blog about it is that it seemed to capture … Continue reading

GooseFEAR School boy error and Mark Kermode

Not blogged for a while so here’s a quick up date: Feedback from Al Clark on GooseFEAR meant another editing session getting it down from 13 to around 6-7 mins. I accomplished this by Christmas Eve then my disc crashed and I’d turned Time Machine off to speed up the editing process. Just the thing I never have any sympathy with my students for! – I abandoned film stuff for Christmas. Turned out to be … Continue reading


Hi All I shot a short film at Nottinghams massive funfair in early October – GooseFEAR. The idea was to see if you could get a cinematic feel on the cheap by shooting at very visual events. Well, sound was an issue as we new it would be, but we have learnt a lot about how to deal with sound, and the visual stuff looks great. I have finished a 13 minute edit of GooseFEAR … Continue reading

PROFIT&LOSS – Wasted opportunity

Had time this morning to think back on last Wednesdays FilmWorks session. In hindsight I realised that I wasted a great opportunity at the breakout session to discuss my project PROFIT&LOSS. Having moaned about only having a couple of people to get feedback from in my group (Mat and Tom), I then proceeded to talk the whole time about my new ideas instead of listening to what they had to say! So,  I hope to … Continue reading