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Joe Hardy

Joe Hardy makes short films and music promos characterised by experiments in animation style and storytelling. He has a strong determination to remain independent, seeing the potential of modern technology and new distribution techniques to reach an audience rather than following traditional studio models. He has secured several small funding awards in the past and his work has been screened at film and arts festivals around the UK. He also had his first solo exhibition of work shown in Kyoto, Japan last year. He is currently developing a personal script for a 20 minute short film which will combine live action drama with line drawn animated sequences. His long term goal is to turn his creative passion into a lifelong career and sees this latest project as a potential catalyst for making that happen. At this point in time he needs help exploring ways to make sure this project happens and hopes to find the financial investment with which to execute his ideas to the level they deserve and in turn enable him to take a significant step-up in his filmmaking career.

Website: www.egb7.com

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Premeditated notes for publication: Session 3

First of all – it was the guy in the LoveFilm ads! But besides that nagging feeling of recognition I had to resolve, the third session served as a gentle reminder that making the effort to create work off your own back can sometimes lead to something great happening. Demonstrating how your film is going to look might just convince the person in front of you that you are worth investing in. ┬áThe alternative is … Continue reading

Premeditated notes for publication: Session 2

Goose Fair is always a weird time of the year for me and my family. It signals a period of remembering and reminds me to be extra considerate around my mum and dad. Despite eighteen years passing I still remember exactly what my brother looked like in the chapel of rest. But I was lucky enough to see him alive and enjoy his two-week long life first. I have come to Filmworks with a script … Continue reading

Premeditated notes for publication: Session 1

I thought it would be useful to focus on a particular aspect of the session that really stood out for me. This week video mood boards. I am used to collating large amounts of source material and existing imagery for myself but some reason never taken the logical step of actually putting them to use as part of a pitch. At some point in time I decided that it was either cheating to use other … Continue reading