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Joanna Beard

THE LEVELS – a contemporary western set in the heart of the Somerset Levels – A feature film looking for investment.



Producing independent film drama over the last 3 years on limited to none-existent budgets, Joanna is eager to learn and develop skills in film budgeting and fund-raising. Joanna prides herself on being able to produce high quality drama at low cost through negotiation and maintenance of strong collaborative relationships. However, with several short films under her belt in both producing and directorial roles she is currently looking to develop her first feature. As well as knowledge and advice on film financing she is eager to gain career advice. Having taken the oft-said rockier road of independent film, Joanna is open to guidance on where she should be heading next. Should she still be focussing on shorts? Are film festival entries as vital and profile-raising as they used to be or should she be focussing her distribution efforts online? Joanna would also welcome the opportunity to share her own knowledge with like-minded individuals and form new collaborative relationships where possible. If she’s learned nothing else, she has learnt that the more people you befriend in this business, the more likely you are to succeed.

Website: www.joannabeard.co.uk
Twitter: @joeybeard

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Black Car Home Private Screening Invitation

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“The director ate my homework…”

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Life’s a Pitch

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