About Holly Lucas

Holly Lucas

Being involved in FilmWorks would give Holly the opportunity to discover all aspects of production knowledge; creative and technical, to acquire new skills and utilize the esources that the program has to offer, whilst nurturing the further growth and development of ideas, building on established abilities to create a platform for her current collaborative projects and to spark new waves of inspiration for her future practice. Holly is currently based in Nottingham where she is involved in 4 different collaborative scripts where she is developing writing, producing and directing skills. Details of these projects include: a feature film script with the Actors Workshop, a series of short films and a script for a television series. Holly is also in the process of producing and directing a play for the Multi Bafta Award Winning Television Workshop. She also has scripts ready for further development, which will benefit from her time on the Filmworks course. Holly began her career in film as an actress and then became further involved in the more creative production process and directing. Coming from an acting background has been extremely complementary to her development in these areas. “I am stimulated creatively by the idea that each project I begin work on will be different from the last; that my work is constantly changing, evolving and pushing new boundaries. I am continually excited by the prospect of collaborating with other artists to realize an idea and see it through the stages of production to completion.”

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