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Geoffrey Taylor

Geoff is a writer and director having made a range of shorts, from dance films to drama. Geoff has been lucky enough to win awards at film festivals,  from both his funded and self funded works. He is at the stage where he has numerous scripts both in features and shorts ready to be developed and made. He is looking for development funding and or to form a producer / mentor relationship and is open to collaboration with a co writer – to take his work to the next level.

As part of filmworks Geoff has been developing Things that fall apart. ( 27mins) and a feature called Looking For Lenka. 

Things That fall apart

How do you cope when everything falls a part?

Breakdowns. Brain scans and Fatherhood. A dark coming of 30 aged comedy love story.

Ed;insecure, immature, slightly pathetic, quiet yet loveable, is approaching thirty and takes us on a strangely humorous, but poignant journey through his life as things start to fall apart.

The film mixes, both dark dead pan comedy moments like Submarine with a bizarre and neurotic character as in Punch Drunk Love, combined with tender moments of memory beauty as in The Diving bell and the butterfly.


Set today, in small city surrounded by countryside, Ed’s life was pretty uneventful until now. Ed is told he is ill. Ed is told he is going to become a dad. Ed was not expecting either. After all, he had only just moved in with his girlfriend, of four years.

We follow Ed on a chaotic and worrying journey as Ed goes down for a life changing operation. He looks back on his uneventful life as he tries to work out what he has done, what he wants and just maybe he can stop it from falling apart.

This film not only reflects on ED’s life, but on ours as we witness intimate, quiet, pathetic moments and bizarre, daunting and loud ones. We can all relate to this peculiar character and the film itself because at its heart, it’s very real.

Its about the fear of the unknowns, illness and a lot of self loathing. This films speaks from personal yet tackles universal experiences. After all its about change and coping with it.

Extra details.

There will be a trilogy of short films that come before this, on of which has already been made and screen at festivals,  helping to portray our style and humour. Each short film tackles different themes played by the same character and will be a body of films in their own right. This will help people understand our project and hopes to give them confidence in us to take this project on board.

I would like to invite you to my directors statement, and other visual references. thingsthatfallapartinfo1

Ive also cut a short rip reel, to give a feel to what it might be like.

Looking For Lenka


A compelling and poignant drama about a British man, Simon, (30yrs) goes to rekindle a fling he had abroad in Budapest only to find the girl, a Slovakian immigrant, Lenka, is terminally ill in hospital.


Simon is on a business trip in Budapest and stops off with hopes to rekindle a fling with a Slovakian immigrant, Lenka, who he met the previous summer, before getting back to his responsibilities and to his future wife in the UK.

He cannot seem to find Lenka, lost in this now cold foreign winter city, he traces where they once roamed in the heat of last summer.  Eventually after much searching, and a tip off about her whereabouts, Simon is led to a Hospital where he finds Lenka dying from a brain tumour.

It becomes apparent that she only had the fling when they met to escape her brutal reality; her illness was diagnosed the week they met in the summer.

But now six months on she is dying in a country with no loved ones around her. She is a strong, stubborn woman, and at first does not want to see Simon and tries to pretend she does not know him.

But Simon can see she has no one with her and is torn as to where his responsibilities and heart lie. How can he leave knowing this? But how can he stay? The conflict builds between needing to leave her with no one and go home or stay and help, but tensions are high as Simon begins to run out of excuses as to why he is not coming home.

About: This is a film about compassion, distress and comfort between strangers.

This is a passionate, moving film about someone who decided to extend the magical moment with a stranger and has to deal with the consequences.

It is about lust and fantasy, friendship and the brutal reality of life.

To see more on this project please see here, for an outline and Director’s statement.

More about Geoff

Producers / mentor are the key to Geoff’s development as a director, in this scheme or otherwise. Having had the experience of producing most of his own works, he knows that to progress further he will need this kind of outside support.  He hopes to gain, more knowledge and contacts from the leading UK producers to help focus his ideas and his direction in general.

Please get in touch about these ideas or anything else at

e. geoff@wideeyed.co.uk

m. 07974816807

Website: www.vimeo.com
Twitter: geoffwideeyed

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