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Felix Drake

Having started acting at an early age, Felix already has over a decades experience on set, from studio budget features to no budget shorts. Watching the production process and seeing behind the scenes is what led Felix to want to make films, and now with the opportunities FilmWorks presents he hopes to share and develop his ideas and lay down the foundations for working relationships in the future.

For his first short film, “Tracks”, Felix picked up Most Promising Talent at the 2010 BFI Future Film Awards. The following year he directed “The Box”, a short that was produced alongside the Watershed and First Light Media, which was awarded Best Film at the First Light awards that year. Recently he’s been producing music videos in Bristol as a total independent.

Felix is looking for a producer and funding for his short-film, Dear Children.

Dear Children is a short film about the last man on Earth. 

Martin is 50 years old this year and has dedicated his life to reading, practicing survival techniques and investigating how and why every living thing in the world just disappeared, leaving him the sole survivor of a symptomless apocalypse.

When he was younger he left the empty city and returned to his childhood home, where he spent years accumulating hobbies and researching science, including in vitro fertilisation, test tube babies and cloning.

After 4 decades spent in the beautiful British countryside he returns to the city to attempt to create a child using frozen sperm and egg samples, and by god does he hope it works.

Website: www.felixdrake.co.uk
Twitter: MrFelixDrake

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Dear Children (Working Title)

Hello one, hello all I’ve been working on a short pitch for my revamped project, something snappy that gets the story across and yet leaves plenty to the imagination (I hope!) I am also now writing the script myself. As great as it was working with such a talented writer, the 4’000 miles between us made even the smallest decisions difficult to make, and I thought it would save a lot of time in the … Continue reading

Rewrites, reshuffles, rewind…

So after a lot of deliberating and late night Skype sessions with my writer, we’ve taken the project in a radically different direction. What may seem like a big step back will hopefully make the steps forward a lot easier, the main problem before being that it felt like we had bitten off more than we could chew… We’ve simplified the story, locations and characters and have made it less of a drama centering around … Continue reading

When We Go – 60 Second Pitch

So last week it was finally time to try and pitch our ideas to one another, albeit only with 60 seconds. The talk beforehand got me thinking of which points of my project I wanted to get across most, and which points were most important. With the help of Geoff and Joey I sculpted some sort of middle ground, trying to include a plot outline whilst asking some of the bigger questions as well… When … Continue reading

Mood Reel – When We Go

So, having ordered a load of DVDs to rip especially for my mood reel, I wake up one week on to find no signs of the post man. Hesitant to hand in my assignments any later I decided to just make one out of photos/dvds/youtube rips anyway. Password: filmworks By the way, mine and Matt Freeth’s choice of the same song is totally coincidental!  

When We Go

Hey y’all Was thrilled to start Filmworks last week and meeting the Bristol chapter! Hearing of everyone’s experience and about their ideas gave me the impression that everyone was ready to immerse themselves in them. Hearing how Peter and Katarzyna tirelessly worked on their stories and scripts reminded me how many different approaches there were to writing, and having some all too brief chats with some of you got me pumped for the coming weeks. Also … Continue reading