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Debbie Howard

Debbie Howard is a Writer/Director. She set up Big Buddha Films seven years ago in Sheffield. Big Buddha Films is an in independent film company in Sheffield that focuses on making films with a strong female voice, that tackle human dilemmas and show the vulnerabilities of human existence. Debbie has made many successful, award winning short films that have screened at festivals internationally. Her latest short, Peekaboo, stars Lesley Sharp and Shaun Dooley and looks at baby loss. Her short film The Girl with World in Her Hair has just been selected by the Film Council for FILMCLUB and will be shown in schools all over the world. Debbie is now developing her first two feature films. One is documentary Still Born, Still Loved, following on from her short film of the same subject matter, the other is a comedy about online dating. She has a long history as a professional actress and would be happy to share her insights about working with and directing actors and casting. Debbie also lectures at Sheffield Hallam University teaching the Acting for Screen Module. She hopes to deepen her level of expertise by attending Film Works, and wants make new contacts and meet potential collaborators.

Website: www.bigbuddhafilms.co.uk
Twitter: BigBuddhaFilms

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My Documentary Pitch – Please support us

Hi everyone Thanks for watching my pitch for Still Born, Still Loved tonight. Sorry I had to gabble the ending, but we had run over time so didn’t really have time to finish off properly. Anyway, please watch my pitch again on line, and there is loads of other information about the film written on there, and an explanation of what you get in return for donations. It would be fantastic if you can support … Continue reading


So tonight is session 2 of Filmworks. I’m currently preparing my pitch. I worked on this last time with the group and it’s moved me pitch forward. Tonight I’ve been asked to do it again, but by skype to the group’s in Bristol and Nottingham too. I’ll be sharing my new crowd funding pitch I’ve made to go along with this. I’m hoping the technology doesn’t let me down and leave me standing with egg … Continue reading