About Claire Elizabeth Alberie

Claire Elizabeth Alberie

Claire initially developed her directing and devising skills on stage with the National Youth Theatre and intended to train for a career as a Theatre director. However, in 2010 Claire made her first short film Test which competed at festivals at the BFI and received a nomination from RTS SouthWest. Having fallen in love with the power of film as an accessible, universal, global language Claire decided to focus on a career as a film writer and director.

Claire is interested in the intricacies of the interpersonal and likes to use film as a way in which to ‘engage audiences with strangers’. By creating meaningful, powerful, compelling work that entertains its audience whilst connecting them to a story they may never have paid attention to in another form, Claire hopes to inspire audiences to ‘feel outside the box’.


  • Rose Coloured Lily (10 Minute Short): Lily is a seven year old dreamer, adventurer and imagineer. Ever the optimist, when her and her mother Kate find themselves homeless and put up in a grotty temporary B&B Lily creates an ‘exotic holiday experience’ for herself, complete with frilly swimsuit and pink sunglasses. When, in the middle of her ‘shabby chic city break’ Lily is invited to attend a birthday party hosted by the perfect family; she is forced to confront a world she desperately wants to be part of, but knows she never will be. Lily has to accept that her life isn’t a fantasy – and that actually, she knew that all along. Rose Coloured Lily is a film about how children deal with loss, fear and grief, and what it means to lose your home when all you really want to do is kit out your Barbie dreamhouse.
  • Post-Hardcore (10 Minute Short): Punks and Colostomy bags, Post-Hardcore is an ode to desperation told through the eyes of Bron, a decorated punk who has taken it upon herself to ‘grow up and get a job’…hedonism is all fun and games until run out of cash. A care agency offers her a ‘no experience necessary’ minimum wage role as a home care worker. Much to the dismay of her rogueish boyfriend Aiden, Bron is committed to doing it right, despite being sent off under trained and ill prepared by the care agency that have recruited her. As her first day passes her by, it becomes increasingly obvious that Bron isn’t trained to cope with the demands of the job, and when Aiden asks her to steal from her clients to help him avoid a pair of broken legs Bron is forced to chose between the person she loves and the person she wants to be.

Claire is also in the early stages of development of a feature project, exploring the human trafficking industry in the UK.

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Contact Email: calberie@gmail.com

Website: www.vimeo.com
Twitter: ClaireAlberie

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