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Chris Green

Having established himself as a screenwriter and film producer with over 12 years experience in both TV and film, Chris is now concentrating on writing feature film scripts with the intention of directing them, and therefore being able to fully realise the vision that he sets out on the page. A collaborator with boundless energy and a willingness to learn and also impart his knowledge of making films he is looking to further enhance his network and make connections with like minded film makers that will be mutually beneficial both now and in the future. He is very keen to develop his understanding of the role of the director in the film making process and sees FilmWorks as the perfect opportunity to grow as a film maker in a supportive and encouraging environment, sharing a common goal with everyone involved, to make great films. He wants to learn about making the transition from Screenwriter to Director, the person who is ultimately responsible for the overall tone, message, visual appeal and success of a film.You can check out the trailers for Chris’s two feature films Best Laid Plans and Desperate Measures on the links below:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yCcxhVFQdc       – Best Laid Plans

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUyjIXTYN_M         – Desperate Measures

Website: www.chrisgreenwriter.co.uk

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I’m really enjoying Filmworks, but part of me is wishing I’d tried to make the transition from writer to writer/director before now. I can’t go back in time so I guess I’ll make the most of it now that I actually have made the decision. It’s great to be working with like minded creatives and the support and educational aspects of the whole thing are very inspiring. The upside is that I’m directing my first … Continue reading