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Calvin Johnson

Cal is a recent graduate of the Masters program at Lincoln University. He has been passionate about storytelling since he was very young and found film to express his vision creating his first short film on 8mm cine-film aged 8. His stories focus on the dark side of human nature and those on the fringes of society without a voice or platform; this has been fuelled by “the man” (or more specifically, teachers!) dictating what could be considered as creativity, or art. This drive runs throughout his attitude to filmmaking as well as his endeavours in an educational sense through his work as a University lecturer, in Film and Media. Cal’s short film ‘Cottonmouth’, produced as part of his MA, was accepted into the Court Metrage at Cannes 2012 and he is now looking to realise the commerciality of his creativity by learning about distribution and exhibition whilst making the leap from shorts to full feature production. Cal hopes that involvement with the Filmworks programme will give an invaluable insight into the industry through absorption and application of the knowledge and experience of the professionals working on the initiative, and also through collaboration with fellow likeminded practitioners.

Born and raised in Doncaster, Cal has had a varied career, initially training as an electrical engineer after leaving school, before returning to his first love and completing a BA in Media Production. A short stint with the BBC working on ‘Dalziel and Pascoe’ was followed by 8 years with BT that involved a wide variety of roles, from event management and Corporate video production through to eventually designing, installing and managing their internal TV/communications network for the UK contact centre division. He currently splits his time between part-time lecturing at University Centre Doncaster, and pursuing his career as a film-maker which led him to participation on the Filmworks program.

Website: www.bodyswerveproductions.co.uk
Twitter: @callikesfilms

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