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Caitlin Webb-Ellis

Caitlin (UK, 1988) and Andrew (Canada, 1981) Webb-Ellis are artist filmmakers working in film and video installation. They are currently working on FACING THE OTHER, their most ambitious project to date.

Webb-Ellis have exhibited in galleries nationally and internationally, and recently completed their first documentary film, In Search of Silent Landscapes, which premiered at the 26th Leeds International Film Festival with two sell out screenings.

Caitlin and Andrew’s work centres around the tension between fiction and reality, relationships between the sexes, and human limits. Obsessed with the nature of ‘truth’, they twist together reality and lies to tell stories which add to the current movement which is redefining the medium of documentary.

FACING THE OTHER is a multi-platform project which blurs the boundaries between both fiction and documentary and the genres of mainstream cinema and fine art.

The first strand of the work is a large scale video installation, depicting a feat of endurance in which the artist duo, ‘Webb-Ellis’, pursue each other around the interior perimeter of a gallery space for the duration of 24 hours.

The video installation will project the recorded act of running around the space in real time and at life size scale, becoming almost a memory of the act, held in the space.

The second strand of this project is a documentary film. Punctuated by recordings from the installation itself, and combining observational footage with visually constructed pieces, the multi-layered narrative of the film will intimately portray the artist’s relationship and reveal the emotionally charged, and often hidden, process of artistic collaboration.

Webb-Ellis are seeking funds to produce both the installation and the film, a studio space from which to develop and produce the project, and a gallery / festival to exhibit the finished work.

Please visit www.facingtheother.com to find out more.

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Website: www.webb-ellis.org
Twitter: @WebbEllisArt

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Next moves

One of the most significant discussions we had in Bristol was with Maggie Ellis of FLAMIN. She made it clear that she wasn’t able to offer anything concrete at the moment, but we have come to realise that the advice she gave to us was far more valuable than any money at this stage in our development. Maggie helped us to understand that in order to progress and to become convincing artist filmmakers we needed … Continue reading

The impact of FilmWorks

FilmWorks came at a crucial time for me and without it I am not sure what direction my work would be taking now. The course gave me the courage and motivation to pursue my ideas on a much more ambitious scale than previously and let me know that I was not alone. My eyes really have been opened to the realities of the industry – certainly when it comes to money. At first this shook … Continue reading

Facing the Other, recording test

From the outset of our idea for our four screen, immersive video installation, we have worried if it would be technically possible. Finally, we have been able to put our doubts to rest and make a working maquette. The space we have used for the test is much smaller than the final installation will be, and the video is too high off the ground, poor quality etc. ( the list could go on) BUT.. it … Continue reading

Reflections on Bristol

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to everyone who made the networking event in Bristol possible, and that I really enjoyed meeting the other participants from Bristol and Nottingham. A sufficient amount of time has passed since the finale of FilmWorks for me to feel I can really reflect on my experience in Bristol. This was the first time that I have experienced anything like that market situation and I am so glad … Continue reading

Brilliantly uncomfortable

The unfamiliar feelings that accompanied me after the first FilmWorks session told me that this programme was going to shake up my way of thinking, and challenge the way I work. I am an artist and a film maker, and, to be honest, have not spent very much time around film makers before. I watch and read about film, but am more familiar with the space of the art gallery, and the language of art. … Continue reading