About Bridget Kelly

Bridget Kelly

A screenwriter and director, Bridget has a strong independent vision demonstrated in a slate of current projects including ‘Silent Grass’ an animation about ecological catastrophe and ‘Binned’, a work place drama about people who are obsolete. She is also working on an adaptation of an Alice Munro short story.

Bridget is currently CEO of SHIFT Media where she is passionate about developing people. SHIFT supports the creative development of young people with varied educational experiences. SHIFT has also given her the opportunity to develop her own creative practice in productions such as the ‘Sleeper in the Valley’ and ‘Getting in on the Act’.

Bridget recently participated in the Northern Summer School. The Summer School refocused Bridget on her own work and getting it made. Bridget’s ambition is to develop her own writing and directing along with SHIFT’S development as a digital media production company.

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Mood reel Binned feels…?

I finished my mood reel yesterday. I enjoyed the process. It was great working with all these great scenes from great films and still liking them after I’d watched them many times. It was also a great process for helping me find the mood I wanted for Binned which is a ditzy comedy. You can watch it at:-Binned http://vimeo.com/55278344 I also thought twice about pulling apart other people’s work. Not while I was doing it … Continue reading

…wasn’t that great!?

Really good start. Without planning first thing I’m in McDonalds, hash browns and black coffee are my fabourite breakfast of all time! A character I’ve been struggling with in ‘Binned’,  I just got her between the hash browns and coffee. Not sure how that works but something to do with last night. Immediate reaction – found the discussion on ‘Pirates’ really helpful. Particularly the idea of a timeline round the room  – a way of … Continue reading