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Becky Preston

I am currently working on writing my new feature Selkie Bay.

Selkie Bay

In some coastal regions they still tell tales of the selkie folk; mysterious seal creatures who can shed their skins and come ashore as humans. Known to destroy ships and control the weather they have been hunted to near extinction. They are still feared today.

It’s 2012 and in the 15 years since his mother’s abandonment 28 year old Logan Stone has retreated from life, helping his father run the local pub on their isolated island home off the irish coast. So when a group of fanatical hunters arrive, on the trail of a selkie girl, Logan is keen to help if only to get them off the island and return to his quiet life as quickly as possible. That is until he discovers selkie girl Echo, half beaten to death on the beach, and uncovers the hunters murderous intentions. Realising that things are not as clear cut as he has been led to believe Logan agrees to help Echo and together they find themselves on the run, caught up in a conflict that has raged for centuries. When even those he trusts turn against him Logan is forced to make a choice: sacrifice Echo for the quiet life he has always wanted or risk everything he has ever known for a girl he only just met.

Exploring one of mythologies most under documented creatures Selkie Bay is a rural horror, a twisted contemporary fairy tale set among the bleak isolated wilds of coastal Ireland.

Selkie Bay is a feature film, currently in development and seeking funding for both development and production. 

After having to deal with a number of disillusioning truths early in life (the fact that an illustrated Hobbit already existed and that being an archaeologist wasn’t quite the same as being Indiana Jones) Becky eventually decided to turn her love of story telling towards film making. After studying film at the LFA, Becky got her first job as a runner and never looked back. Working on a number of films in the production department and as an editor she made her directorial debut in 2007 with short film Avowal, which went on to become a nominated finalist in the Bafta 60 Seconds of Fame competition. In 2008 Becky directed Star, a short look at love and obsession, which closed the BBCs short film festival.

She made her feature debut writing and directing Lovelorn, a privately financed supernatural love story, which went on to win 29 international awards and is currently on DVD release in the US. Becky is now working on a number of projects including a surreal short based around her own experiences of insomnia, a period love story set in a circus in 1910 and psychological thriller Selkie Bay.

Website: www.beckypreston.com
Twitter: beckyspreston

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Lovelorn released

Warning shameless self promotion incoming: my debut feature Lovelorn has just been released on iTunes! The film is available to download now https://itunes.apple.com/gb/movie/lovelorn/id601681659 and it’d be great if everyone could help spread the news/watch/rate it. It’s available in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Thanks everyone!

Post 5: In which I finally finish my mood reel…

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Selkie Bay

A few weeks ago I posted the synopsis to my short The In-Between but as we neared the pitching session I realised I hadn’t done any work on the short because I’d been focusing instead on developing the script for my new feature Selkie Bay. So I’ve put The In-Between to the side for a little while and I’ve been focusing the FilmWorks sessions on Selkie Bay instead. Mood reel for this one coming soon! … Continue reading

Who the hell is this person?

When discussing my pitch at the last Filmworks session someone suddenly asked “how old is this character?” I’ve been asked this question before about other characters and it always takes me by surprise because I have a problem with characters. It’s not what you might think. I know the answer to that question: Jenni is 17. In my feature script, Selkie Bay, Logan is 28, Echo 23 and Sally 29. It’s not that I don’t … Continue reading

“Whoosh…” finally The In-Between gets a synopsis

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” – Douglas Adams I have a sort of love hate relationship with deadlines: they are very useful and when working from home they are essential… they are also really easy to forget about when there is lots else going on, so with traditional last minute form I am finally publishing my pitch on my short The In-Between. The In-Between  Plagued by … Continue reading

Day 1 in the FilmWorks house…

Well not exactly house… The FilmWorks scheme launched with a fantastic discussion on the topic of ‘It begins with an idea”. Peter Lord spoke of covering the walls in notecards as he worked through the story, something I relate to, although I tend to use post-it tabs as I have a smaller wall. As someone who collects ideas I loved hearing him speak of wading through the sea of ideas until you find the one … Continue reading