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Anne Wilkins

Anne is a short film director and freelance animator, originally from Greater London, who has been based in Manchester for the last three years. She has worked on a variety of commercial, television and independent projects, many with fellow animator and co-director Emily Howells; however short films are her personal focus. Anne has co-directed three shorts alongside Emily Howells – A Film about Poo (2009), Spin Spun Span (2010), and Hum (2012), all of which have shown internationally at film festivals as well as winning several awards along the way. However, with their fourth short together, and with the help of Filmworks, Anne hopes to develop a new short film that is longer and more narrative-driven than her previous works, with the intention of gaining a bigger audience and ultimately leading to more long-form work in television. She would like to use the time with Filmworks to develop the story and look of her new film, Archy Declares War. In addition, learning from the combined experience of the producers and other Filmworks participants, she would like to plan the film’s promotion from pre-production through to exhibition, to give the film the best chance of long term success.

Website: www.emilyandanne.co.uk

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Plans for 2013

I’m not big on New Years Resolutions as such, but I’m a big believer in plans! This time last year, one of my plans for 2012 was to start our fourth short film, and hooray, thanks in part to Filmworks, pre-production is go go go. So for 2013… Well at the moment I need to finish this long contract I’ve been on (I animate on a new CBBC/Freemantle series), and then see where my life … Continue reading

Answers on a postcard

Well, Bristol happened, and now that I am sufficently recovered, I thought I’d write a little something. I really enjoyed the day; it was a great atmosphere and there were lots of lovely people. It was especially nice to meet some of the other particpants from Bristol and Nottingham. I think everyone was equally friendly and enthusiastic. It was probably the most cheerful networking I’ve ever done! I tend to find events like that quite … Continue reading

Archy is synopsis-ised!

Guess what, we’ve finally committed ourselves to a written synopsis, using actual sentences and everything! Previously we had some great scribblings and notes and capitalised words in a sketchbook, but I think that these things called paragraphs are much more accessible. Any feedback would be ace. Here goes: Archy, a cockroach, never finds himself lost for words. He’s a poet, with a strong social conscience: forthright, earnest, a bit bohemian – and ready with a … Continue reading

Sketchbook funtime

I spent the whole weekend working on Archy Declares War! Go me! Emily and I have been working on our printed materials for the Bristol meet up. We plan to bring some packages of Archy goodness, and leave them with interested parties (pleeeease let there be interested parties)(…and interesting parties…? Hoho!). We’re sending stuff off to the printers this week hopefully – a synopsis, directors’ statement, directors’ CV, character sheets x2, style shots x3, mood … Continue reading

Story & lyrics

Had a really good afternoon today, working with Emily and Billy on fleshing out the story for  Archy Declares War. Billy is the film’s composer, but as this is a musical, he is also helping with working out the story outline. I briefed him on the music requirements earlier this week, and he requested that we work this way together, because song will move the plot forwards as much as dialogue, and so far it’s … Continue reading

“Archy” character design and a tentative logline

We’ve been working quite a lot on our project Archy Declares War this week, in preparation for the next session… Colin has asked Emily and I to present the project to everyone, just as Debbie did the last time. Slightly concerned that we have such a hard act to follow!! Be nice to us please… One of the interesting things I’ve found at FilmWorks is how everyone is at a different stage of their project … Continue reading

Hi & hello

Well…first posts are always awkward, so I guess I’ll just babble and hope it goes somewhere… The first session at Sheffield was pretty interesting. I arrived an hour late, thanks to the awesome Liverpudlian/Mancunian traffic, but I did see most of the talk beamed in from Bristol. One of the bits that really stood out for me was the idea of your film’s “personality”, and the various ways of getting that across. Emily and I … Continue reading