Archy is synopsis-ised!

Guess what, we’ve finally committed ourselves to a written synopsis, using actual sentences and everything! Previously we had some great scribblings and notes and capitalised words in a sketchbook, but I think that these things called paragraphs are much more accessible.

Any feedback would be ace. Here goes:

Archy, a cockroach, never finds himself lost for words. He’s a poet, with a strong social conscience: forthright, earnest, a bit bohemian – and ready with a rant at the drop of a hat.

Archy’s tired of seeing other insects slaughtered by humans, and after witnessing the death of a fellow diner in the local restaurant kitchen, he decides to motivate his comrades into revolution. Egged on by his friend Mehitabel the tabby cat, he rounds up the nocturnal inhabitants of his New York bedsit. Woodlice, moths, flies, daddy long-legs, fleas, spiders and bed-bugs scuttle together, persuaded and excited by Archy’s passionate optimism.

A change is coming! Equal rights for insects! We outnumber them a million to one!

But when the bedsit’s owner returns home from a drunken night and flicks on the light switch, the insect army scatter, crawling back into the creepy crevices from whence they came. It’s all over before it’s even begun, and Archy’s left alone with just his principles and the cat for company.

Mehitabel shrugs; it’s getting late anyway and she’s tired. Archy purses his lips and furrows his brow; he feels the beginnings of a poem, and sets to work on his typewriter, minor set backs forgotten. Mehitabel purrs: toujours gai, Archy, toujours gai!

3 replies to “Archy is synopsis-ised!

  1. This is grand Anne. One suggestion might be to include a translation of “toujours gai”, but it’s probably not really necessary as folk reading it can Google a translation within seconds if required.

    Another strong element to add to the already strong package you guys are putting together.

    • Thanks for the nice words!

      Well, the “toujours gai” thing is a repeated phrase from the book, and thus will be in the film. It’s Mehitabel’s philopshy for life, and what she says to calm Archy down and stop him fussing. For people that know the book it’s a big bit of it. I did wonder about the translation thing, but we decided just to hope that people could work it out! I do get what you mean though, it was something we thought about.

  2. Yes, I love this, sounds great, and really makes me want to see it.
    look forward to seeing the images aswell, on the post card!