“Archy” character design and a tentative logline

We’ve been working quite a lot on our project Archy Declares War this week, in preparation for the next session… Colin has asked Emily and I to present the project to everyone, just as Debbie did the last time. Slightly concerned that we have such a hard act to follow!! Be nice to us please…

One of the interesting things I’ve found at FilmWorks is how everyone is at a different stage of their project development. We’ve got our title and our concept and our characters, but our synopsis is still quite rough and open, and our logline non-existent. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve come up with some terrible one liners, horrible cheesy things that sound like a typical “animated film for all the family”! All I really want to get across is that Archy is a cockroach, he sings and he writes poetry, he is in love with a cat called Mehitabel, and he wants to start an insect revolution. I want to say all that, but in a catchy way. Here’s what I have at the moment…

“Archy wants to change the world; if only he hadn’t been reborn as a cockroach, it would be so much easier to do.”

Anyway, I’m better at drawing than catchy copywriting, so here is a little sneak of the titular character Archy. Personality-wise, think Morrissey meets Marwood (Withnail & I).

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    • Those were some beautiful and moving poems, thanks Dina. I remember the news story about Neda, but I hadn’t realised poetry was being used in that way in Iran.

      Our film has a very different context though, as it’s a musical and a comedy. It is based on a collection of satirical poetry. Anyway thanks for the comment, I’m working on the project now, so it’s good to have encouragement!

    • Hi Dina,

      thanks for posting that link – powerful stuff!

      Anne, looking forward to hearing more about your musical – is the plan for you write the score


      • Hello Sophia,
        Thanks for your question! I will not personally be writing the score, although Emily and I (the film’s co-director) will possibly help out a bit with guidance over the lyrics. We have a regular composer who we work with on all our projects, so he shall be the talented one doing all the work. 🙂


  1. I’m looking forward to Archie, and the pitch tomorrow.
    It’s a great idea with a wonderful character, and I will definitely be watching the end result!