Answers on a postcard

Well, Bristol happened, and now that I am sufficently recovered, I thought I’d write a little something.

I really enjoyed the day; it was a great atmosphere and there were lots of lovely people. It was especially nice to meet some of the other particpants from Bristol and Nottingham. I think everyone was equally friendly and enthusiastic. It was probably the most cheerful networking I’ve ever done! I tend to find events like that quite stressful and worrying. I guess like everyone ever, I’m not great at leaping into professional conversation with people I’ve never met before. But maybe that’s something I’ve learnt from FilmWorks, because I just felt much more prepared and happy to talk to people about my project, much moreso than I have been in the past.

The postcard package went down a right treat! I am very pleased about this. I think I had half expected criticism on the designs or just the general presentation, but everyone seemed really bowled over, and despite myself I’m willing to belive the kind words were genuine! In the last session, Emily and I talked about our package plans; we had orginally planned on including a DVD of our reel and the test animation we’ve done of Archy. Colin advised against this, saying that although he enjoys receiving DVDs, he always just puts them away and never watches them. I’m glad we listened, because the postcards felt just right. I do have a habit of doing too much too quickly and ramming too many drawings and things down people’s throats. Am defintely going to keep a lid on that now, having proven to myself how much is enough to leave interest and not saturation.

Would you like to see the postcard package?

Not the greatest photos, I know – but at the suggestion of one of our animator friends, we’re going to animate the package opening, and make a little video of it for our website. Now I know we’re ready to start getting these drawings and ideas out to more people!

2 replies to “Answers on a postcard

  1. Love your package! I especially love the kaleidoscopic card.
    And I second your comments on the networking event.
    We must take that cheer into all future industry meetings regardless of the (seeming) reality. What’s real anyway? We could be a hologram of a dream………..