Another Earth – Must see

Just watched Another Earth and loved it. Its a US indie movie that won a couple of things at Sundance last year. I’m sure many of you will have seen it.

First feature by Mike Cahill. From the credits I discovered he co-wrote, co-produced, directed, shot and edited it, in close collaboration with the lead actress Brit Marling (Co – writer/producer). The reason I had to blog about it is that it seemed to capture the perfect first feature. Great collaboration, great idea, minimal cast, simple to shoot, 50% of it just has Brit Marling on screen. The hand held camera work is all over the place, but with great emotion throughout it just adds to it for me.

But also it includes a mega car crash – and a well executed love scene. Which should have met Corman’s exloding helicopter and strip bar requirements I was banging on about in the last blog.

Would love to know what it cost to make, from Wiki, it sounds like they did it all themselves around Cahill’s home town.

Not sure about the violin bowed saw !

Cheers John

PS – GooseFEAR is back to 7 mins – just finishing the sound.

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