A late start…

A start nonetheless. After the first session I promised myself I’d make an effort to start this blogging thing with great fervour; it’s funny how fast time can fly when you unconsciously put something off. Anyway, here we are, second session gone, and here begins an attempt at finding the middle ground between self-indulgent ramblings, and relevant content which may also benefit my peers.

Talking of my peers, it’s great to see so many different types of people with  relatively different backgrounds considering we all have the same general focus: to make great film. The organisers clearly did a great job of filtering the right ones through; everyone I’ve had the opportunity to speak to so far  are clearly very focused and analytical, yet thoroughly individual, which is exactly the kind of people I want to be speaking to at this point while developing my project.

I’m also impressed by the quality of speakers we have. It’s my first time with exposure to people of such high standard in the industry, so it’s interesting and very relevant (at the least) to hear their experiences and opinions.

Despite the blogging being something I put off, I did manage to throw a quick and dirty rip off reel together. You can check it out here. I’ve thrown some Youtube annotations on dead quick, without them it’s probably a little abstract. The film’s a mystery with dark comedy elements about a private investigator obsessed with finding that one piece of incriminating evidence to nail his subject, and the increasing danger he puts his young, naive helper in as he’s convinced he’s close to the endgame. I’m coming close to the end of the first draft, but I love the idea and I’m looking to shoot a few months into next year.



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